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New Products to Try This Year!

Hello friends …Welcome or welcome back to the blog!

Hello beautiful people, and welcome EVERYONE.  I hope you are doing well, adopting some new habits for 2024, getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated, and giving yourself some grace.

In an effort to keep the machine that is my body humming, I’m always looking to try out some things that benefit my health and overall well-being.  Every year, I try a few new things, and if I like it (and it’s cost-effective), then I’ll stay with it.  Life is trial and error, so just because you want to adopt something or try a different thing doesn’t mean you have to stick with that thing.  The beauty is you get to try something else until it works.

I only have a few new things that I want to try this year.  Yes, some are peer pressure (i.e., YouTube), but I’ll give my Youtubber (Hilary at Old World Home) a pass because I’ve been watching you for years, and she doesn’t oversell it, which makes me want to try it.

AG1 (Athletic Greens)

purchase mid-January

One of my promises to myself was to try a new supplement.  While there are several on the market, I kept hearing about AG1 (Athletic Greens).  I’m a newbie when it comes to green powder, so I went to the site (from a link I was given) to check them out.  That was last year because it was expensive, and I thought, well, I guess I can’t try that.

Now, here’s why I went ahead with the purchase.  I’ve wasted  A LOT of money over the years on bullshit.  Very few times do I invest in myself.  This purchase was an investment in myself and for better living.  Something that can help my blood sugar, where I get all my vitamins and nutrients and has healthy ingredients to help my pre and probiotic body function.  A green powder that’s good for older adults, including D3 and magnesium for bone and muscle health, was a win-win in my book.

1st-WEEK REVIEW: I started taking this last week, and after one week, do I feel any different?  Not really, no.  With that said, if I drink it first thing (before exercise), I have a bit more energy.  I still take Melatonin at night, but my sleep has been a tad better, and of course, poop.  No one likes to talk about it, but here it is.  Better poop. (nuff said) — I guess you may be wondering (or not) what it tastes like because that was the first thing that crossed my brain.

I read reviews that said it is slightly sweet and fruity and that it doesn’t taste like greens, being that it’s green powder, so that’s what I was expecting.  Boy, was I wrong.  Okay, it’s not horrible, but it’s not delicious either.  It has an overwhelming cocoa smell and taste (to me), but when I mix it, and as I’m drinking, it smells sweet.  Now, maybe for some people, scent transfers to taste, but not with me.  It’s earthy …so earthy cocoa.  To help with this, I’ll add a little lemon, sometimes pineapple coconut water, or a little Oj and then water, which helps.

***has Stevia
****not 100% natural

Will I keep this up?  I’ll let you know within the next 20 days.  (LOL) My kit came with D3 drops, the shaker bottle, the canister, a metal scoop, and some travel packets. If you’re interested, check out the link for AG1 (Athletic Greens). (With my link, you get a year’s supply of Vitamin D3 + K12 and five free travel packs) I’ve done a bit of research on one other powder, so if I decide not to keep this up, it’s on to the next one.

“I am the master and commander of my own ship, so I’ll put myself first when it comes to my health.”

Miracle Balm (Jones Road)

I’ve never been one to wear foundation or face make-up (in general).  I use a Tula primer and make sure my brows are tight, and that’s it.  One, it requires too much time, and I don’t want anything heavy on my face because I’m prone to breaking out. Also, 30-year skin is different from 50-year-old skin, so I’m paying attention to what it needs. (I’m also still masking, so it doesn’t make sense)

I don’t want make-up to settle on my face, but I love the way it looks.  Occasionally, I’ll break down and buy a foundation, use it (maybe twice), and then it gets tossed in a drawer, never to be seen again.  (this is what I was talking about when I said wasting money) But I’ve always wanted to try something different.

I came across this Miracle Balm (recently), and I really want to try it out.  It’s a moisture balm that’s tented to your skin type.  You take a quiz, and Jones Road gives you a suggestion based on your skin tone, type, and what you want to achieve. I didn’t bite the bullet and get this one, but it’s one of those things on my list for early Spring.



I’ve only tried two different hydration powders since I had a scare two summers ago being dehydrated. I thought I was drinking enough water, but apparently not, which raised my blood sugar and elevated my heart rate, sending me to the emergency room.

After checking with my doctor, I tried Liquid IVs, which I loved, but they had way too much sugar.  I was only using half the amount and cutting that with water to make up for the amount of sugar in one packet. Now, Liquid IV makes a zero-sugar option, but at the time, this was a great way to double my water intake, making sure I stayed hydrated in the hot summer months.  Liquid IVs were also more expensive (at the time), so I found Drip Drop, which was priced a little better for the amount of packets.

The difference is that Liquid IV is a water multiplier and is good for times when you don’t drink enough water, while Drip Drop is more for dehydration after a workout or other activity.  I want a product that does both, so I’m going to try Cure Hydration, which has zero sugar.  It’s plant-based and woman-owned, so it’s a win-win-win. They have several flavor and size options, so it’s just right for me.



I can’t tell you how many under-eye de-puffer masks I’ve used over the years, with little to minimal results.  I’ll stop for a while, do some research, and try another brand, hoping for results.  My eyes have been puffy for years, and this didn’t always come from a lack of sleep.  I’m hoping to get in the habit of using the mask once a week for at least a month to see if it helps just a little bit.

I came across Loops Beauty when I was creating a “Gifts for Her” post, and they’ve been on my list ever since.  Five pairs are only $25 dollars, and it claims to reduce lines, depuff, and hydrate the skin around your eyes, but we will see.

So this brings my list to an end, and I know your thinking …well, that was short.  This is because I’m a creature of habit, so integrating something new is a big deal for me because it will become part of my regular regimen.

Are you trying any new products or adopting any new habits for the new year? Let me know in the comments, as I would love to hear what you tried and what worked vs. what didn’t. Thanks so much for hanging out with me today.   Peace

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