31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween: Day #3, House on Haunted Hill

Welcome to the 31 Days of Halloween in Movies.

Hello Friends, and welcome to the blog today.  I hope you’re doing well, taking care of your body and your mind, and getting into the season.

Today is Day #3 of the 31 Days of Halloween in Movies, where I will feature a movie every day for the month of October. If you want to get caught up on past days, click here for the archive. For all my other Halloween goodies, check out the freebies page.

As a reminder, the movies are in no particular order and range from 1950 – 2023…and so it goes.

Today’s Feature

MOVIE: The House on Haunted Hill
Rated: R
Year: 1959
Director: Richard Castle
IMBD Rating: 6.8
Runtime: 1h 15m
Tomato Meter:  🍅 78%
Genre: Classic Horror, Comedy
Splatter/Gore Meter: 1/10 🩸

SYNOPSIS: Rich oddball Frederick Loren has a proposal for five guests at a possibly haunted mansion: show up, survive a night filled with scares, and receive $10,000 each. The guest of honor is Loren’s estranged wife, Annabelle, who, with her secret lover, Dr. Trent, has concocted her own scheme to scare Loren’s associate, Nora Manning, into shooting the potentially crazy millionaire. However, more spooks and shocks throw a wrench into the plan.

MY RATING: (★★★★★) There’s nothing like a Vicent Price movie for Halloween. House on Haunted Hill serves up the blood-curdling (or ear-bleeding) screams, with fake skeletons, acid baths, a creepy maid, visible wires, and everything you would expect from a horror movie in the 50s—definitely a cult classic.

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