I’m Living That Hobby Life This Summer!

Damn, it’s hot! ….Welcome Summer.

“The hardest challenge is to be yourself in a world where everyone is trying to make you be somebody else.” — E.E.Cummings

Hello friends, It’s a good day to have a good day.  I hope you’re staying hydrated in this heat, checking in with friends and family, and enjoying the season.

Last week I posted about how hobbies can improve your mental health, and I have a few that I work on off and on to keep my brain busy.  Lately, it’s been my dollhouse.  I initially wanted to finish it last year, but there was never a timeline, just no inspiration to get it finished. Hey, I have my cloudy days too …and so it goes.

Once I started doing more work on it, the more I wanted to do.  I have the top level almost finished.

Recent Additions

The bathroom has the most recent updates.  When I say this project is my love child, I truly mean it.  Each wood slat is cut individually. Once I had the measurements down, I used a miter-cutting tool for the pieces.  I left them raw vs. staining, as I already have that in the other rooms, and then glued them piece by piece.  Once the glue was set, they were held down with painter’s tape.

The floor is printable from Etsy [my favorite place]. It was enlarged and sized to fit the bathroom. The tub and the vanity I’ve had for a while.  I’ve yet to order my toilet, but it’s been sitting in a shopping cart for so long it went out of stock.

ALSO // The artwork is from my free domain resources, the wallpaper is from a William Morris scrapbook, and the plant is a DIY using mini-pots and moss from Micheals.

    • I added artwork
    • Floor molding
    • Printed the bathroom floor tile
    • Completed the wood slat wall in the bathroom

I only have a few more decorative things to add, like finishing the corners [where the wallpaper borders] with some wood to cover the seams. Finding some mini wood slices [for both fireplaces], I need to paint the little decorative piece and add some lighting.

What’s up next
    • I still need a kitchen (but I need to plan that out)
    • I need a toilet
    • Getting a new vanity
    • Lighting in every room
    • Two Mirrors
    • Rugs

Future Plans

The future of continuing to renovate and upcycle doll houses is space-contingent, meaning I don’t have any.  I can make space for a room box or two, but I really want to tackle a “big” house, and I just don’t have too much available real estate.

In my dream house [through my mind’s eye], I have a small hobby room or a basement where I can build, design and decorate til my heart is content.

What are you working on this summer?  Drop me a line in the comments.

Thank you for spending a little time with me here today, and I hope you’ll consider subscribing to the blog.  Have a great week. — Peace

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