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Good Reads Challenge Book Review: Mister Magic, A Novel (Edited)

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“That perfect black wonderland where children could simply exist, free of the past, untroubled by the future.”
– Kiersten White, Mister Magic

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I was so close to doing these reviews in order and getting caught up, but this particular novel jumped the line. Today, I’m reviewing Mister Magic by Kiersten White.

The Review

Title | Mister Magic
| Kiersten White
Pages | 288
Expected Publication | August 2023
Genre | Horror, Thriller, Crime
GR Rating | 3.84
Purchase | Amazon


Who is Mister Magic? Former child stars reunite to uncover the tragedy that ended their show—and discover the secret of its enigmatic host.

**Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group for the advanced copy of this novel.**

My Review (5.00)

All I can say is, “WOW.” Mister Magic first popped up on Good Reads, and then it was in my Audible recommendations. From there, it immediately went onto my TBR list. I had forgotten that I requested to read it via Net Galley, so when it came through, I was like …YES!

from Mister Magic
“Clean hearts and clean minds, cleanliness at all times! Nothing dirty, nothing bad, always happy, never sad!”

Reading the synopsis, I didn’t know what to expect, but I definitely wasn’t disappointed. This book gave me Chanel Zero [Season 1] vibes [that show on Syfy], but better.

Val [Valentina] doesn’t remember anything from her childhood, and the story begins when she’s eight years old. Val and her dad stayed on a ranch owned by his friend Gloria, only occasionally leaving to run errands to town. They didn’t watch any TV, nor did they have cell phones, but Val knew that she had to stay hidden because she had done something bad.

Since receiving the invitation, Nora (our protagonist) is unsure why she was invited since she has barely spoken to Clare (the bride-to-be) in years. Nora and Nina (another mutual friend) rent a car to attend the weekend festivities, where a few other friends of the bride will join them.

from Mister Magic
“Till the ground and plant the seed, I will give you what you need.”

Val’s dad dies, and so do all the secrets of Val’s childhood. He only wanted to keep her safe, but that cocoon would start to unravel as Val’s old friends would show up at the funeral. Val doesn’t remember them, but something is strangely familiar about them all.

Isaac, Javi, and Marcus [and later Jenny] first met Val when they were kids on a television show, and Val can’t recall any of this. She would soon step out of her comfort zone and dive head-first into all the secrets that had been kept from her.

from Mister Magic
“Hope has fare more hooks than fear, far more capacity to tear her apart from the inside.”

The strangeness of this book was awesome, and the cult-like following of the Mister Magic TV show was weird. Snippets are highlighted in Wiki-style posts and message boards as people share their fondness for the show. However, what was stranger is that all evidence the show ever existed has been erased from all web sources. No one can find any episodes, and there’s nothing on social media. What were they hiding?

The town of Bliss, Arizona, is where the show takes place, and everything about the town is a mystery. It seemingly popped up from nowhere, but several members of the show’s crew and most of the parents of the cast lived there. The residents of this small-town talk about Mister Magic as if it was a part of their lives, and their well-being and futures hinged this children’s show, and this cast getting back together for a “potential” reunion — now in their 30s.

from Mister Magic
“Smile! You’re okay. Smile! That’s the way.”

While the book is categorized as horror, it falls more in the thriller wheelhouse from my perspective. There’s anticipation, then it builds until you find out the truth, and that sets the stage for something much more sinister. There is no happy ending here, only what needs to be done, as Val finds out why all the doors to her memory are closed, the town’s obsession with Mister Magic, and why her friends really came looking for her.

This is a “must” read, and I really enjoyed this novel, and the anticipation was worth the wait.

**Thank you to NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group for the advanced copy of this novel.**

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