Podcast Sn. 2, It’s a Creepy Story: Episode #12

Nothing is easier than a Sunday.

“Just because you’re a ghost doesn’t mean you can’t have any fun.”
― Shel Danielson, The Bell Tower Ghosts and Other Stories

Hello friends, and how are you on this bright Sunday? I hope you are doing well, staying hydrated, taking care of your mind and your body, and checking in with friends and family.

It’s been a productive weekend.  I don’t do much when it comes to humid weather outdoors, but I was able to get through some tasks at home, like touching up paint in some areas, getting up all the lint around the laundry area, and I’ve been doing A LOT of reading …and so it goes.

**PART 2: Feature!**

Today on the podcast, I’m reviewing Paperbacks From Hell: The Twisted History of ’70s and ’80s Horror Fiction by Grady Hendrix, Part 2.  If you missed Part 1 last week, click on the link.

Shocking story summaries! Incredible cover art! And true tales of writers, artists, and publishers who violated every literary law but one: never be boring. All this awaits if you dare experience the Paperbacks From Hell. (Source Good Reads)

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Arranged, edited, produced and narrated by Wyetha.


*Have a weird story or some haunted history you would like featured on the Podcast?  Reach out to me and share in the comments.

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