Classic Etsy Decor For The Spring & Summer Season

It’s the end of the week, what are you doing?

“Conscience is no more than the dead speaking to us.”― Jim Carroll

Hello friends, and how are you this week?  Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there …gettin’ it done. I hope you are taking care of your body and mind, drinking plenty of water, and staying connected with friends and family.

I haven’t run into a slump this week, but I do feel tired, and I’m happy for the weekend.  Work is a constant hum, meetings and such, and it hasn’t left me with a lot of time for the blog.  I’ve been productive and updated the calendars page and added a page for the public domain art, but I haven’t posted as much as I would like. Well, enough of this razzamatazz…and so it goes.

I Love Home Decor!

I love pieces that I can use year-round to help eliminate switching items for every season (except for Halloween and Christmas).  Sometimes, I’ll move things from upstairs down, but my home (except the art) pretty much remains the same.  Lately, I’ve been seeing the tag on YouTube that says …my dream bedding, my dream dinnerware, my dream pillows, which is a bit unnecessary (no shade).

You’re allowed to change your mind about your decor. Something you can love now might be perfect, but you could hate it 3 years from now. I say dream bigger than dinnerware or pillows. (LOL)

Here are my Etsy decor picks!

I’ve purposefully stayed away from Etsy shopping (except for my dollhouse), but it’s quite the perfect drug.  You can find so many decor options for just about every area of your home, and there are so many unique items that the inventory is endless.


(1) Tall Fluted Glass Vase
(2) Floral & Bird Pillow Cover
(3) Camel Figurine
(4)  Brass Decorative Knot
(5) Nordic Candle Holder
(5) Vintage Candle Holder
(6) Morrocan Brass Ceiling Lamp
(7) Wooden Dough Bowl
(8)  Antique Iron Mirror
(9)  Wildflower Landscape Art
(10)  Faux Dry Hibiscus
(11) Rattan Tray

Spring & Summer Decor

Spring and Summer decor is all about adding lighter objects to your space, like white or sheer curtains, and saving your darks and heavier linens for the Fall and the Winter.  Adding plants or faux greenery and flowers also adds a spring or summery touch.

I live in a white box, and I can’t change the paint color, so I use wood pieces, brass, and darker tchotchkes to offset the white, and I’ve muted my darker pillow covers with creams and tans.

NOTES: All my picture frames are thrifted and upcycled with matt black paint and rub’n’buff. The only new addition is the greenery, the female statue, and the art light.  The brass knot, pillow covers, wooden chain, books, and candle holders are a combination of thrifted and store-bought items. However, I’ve had everything for at least 3 years, and this classic decor can be used and re-used for any season.


When I thrift, there are always certain items that I’m looking for within reason (i.e., picture frames, brass, candle holders, and glass objects).  Every now and then, I’ll find something nice, but as of late, it’s been disappointing (or maybe that’s just my local stores).  I still haven’t found an entryway cabinet, and what I did see required A LOT of work.  I’ve learned with thrifting that you have to lower your expectations.

The first time I heard this was from Caroline Winkler’s YouTube Channel.  (It’s a plus that she lives in my area, so I get to look at shops I haven’t been to), but she is completely and totally correct.  If you go in looking for a specific item, you’re never going to find it.  When you thrift, it’s nice to have a base list, but you have to have an open mind and be ok with not finding what you really want.

Well, I’ll wrap this up here. Thank you for spending a little time with me here today.  Don’t forget to subscribe if you enjoyed this post.  Have a great weekend.– Peace

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