2023 Spring Clothing Trends Are a Hit or Miss

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Hello friends and happy Friday. It’s a good day to have a good day.

What’s up to all my allergy sufferers how ya’ll feelin’?  Who me?  I’m miserable, it’s way too warm way too early, and this heat is zapping my energy.  But otherwise, I hope you’re feeling good, getting some exercise, drinking plenty of water, and checking in with friends and family.

Today’s post is all about Spring clothing style. I know I’m using the word “trend” and I have a love/hate relationship with styles that are on trend just for a season. My reasoning is that most trends are not for everyone, the colors aren’t flattering, and will I be wearing them next year. I like transitional clothing, that’s timeless and is great for any occasion like errands, work, or just a day out.

According to Vogue, InStyle, Harpers, Refinery29, and Elle here’s what’s trending for Spring 2023.

  • Baggy (oversized) jeans
  • Maxi skirts
  • Sheer tops
  • Mesh
  • Sequins (Gold/Silver)
  • Ballet Flats
  • Acid (Lime) Green
  • Oversized Bags
  • Oversized Blazers

From this list, I’ve pulled items that are a hit and below talked clothing styles that are a miss. Because let’s face it …we all can’t walk around in oversized clothes and metallic sequins.

It’s A Hit! 2023 Flattering Spring Style Trends


Maxi Skirt – A pleated maxi or jean skirt …now that’s a hit.  Even better because I just purchased two from Nordstrom Rack and I have my eye on this A-symmetrical jean skirt.  I will definitely dress these down with a t-shirt and some platform AF-1s.

Ballet Flats – I loved these back in the day but my knees, back, and hips …not so much.  I can’t really wear them without inserting support soles but the price is right for the picking.

Silver Accents – Ok so maybe not a full-on gold or silver metallic skirt or top, but some silver or gold sneakers, now that’s a hit.

Denim – I definitely have to modify this trend because I can’t do oversized jeans, but a retro-fit, vintage flare let is a hit in my book.

Oversized Bags – I’m all in on this one so it’s a hit in my book.  Now that being said I still can’t take it everywhere, because of the size, and bags like this tend to have no structure so you’re forced to put a lot of smaller bags into the big bag so things don’t get lost.  It may not be functional but I love me a big ole’ bag.

The Mesh Compromise/Crochet – Now I’m not feeling the whole mesh trend but a crochet-like top can look really nice and casual with just enough peek-a-boo that’s flattering on all body types.


1 – Anne Klien Midi Skirt (Nordstrom Rack)
2 – Valentino Ballet Flat (Nordstrom Rack)
3 – Knit Mesh Sweater (H&M)
4 – Pieced Maxi Denim Skirt (Nordstrom)
5 – Oversized Tote (Amazon)
6 – Sam Edelman Low-Top Sneaker (Nordstrom)
7 – Madewell Loose Flare Jeans (Nordstrom)

It’s A Miss! That’s a NO For Me …Spring Style Trends

Past all the razzamatazz these style trends are questionable at best.

Sheer clothing – I’m a woman of a certain age and I own nothing that’s sheer. However, if I did why would I want to flaunt my goodies out in public for all to see?  This trend is a NO for me.

Baggy / Oversized Jeans – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it took me years to figure out what jeans are flattering and what jeans make me look like I’m NOT wearing my big brothers’ clothes.  While this style is flattering to some, the rest of us will stick to what looks good vs what I’m painting the house in.

Acid (Lime) Green – Another trend that came up in several searches was lime green.  To each, his own but that color is not flattering to me, and it’s just a bit too trendy.  Next year it could be yellow, then you’re stuck with this highlighter green color …That’s a no for me homie.

Mesh erry-thing / Bra tops – Uh yeah …I’m not headed to the club or the beach so I missed when it became appropriate for these items to be worn daily.  Yes, I’m from a different time but do I have to show everyone everything? (For me) This is not appropriate for work, errands, appointments, or anything else really, so this particular trend can stay on blogs and magazine covers.

Thank you for spending a little time with me here today.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog to catch up on all my posts.  Have a great weekend. — Peace

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