New Podcast Season .2, Episode #2: Red Oak House

It’s Sunday, did you remember to set your clocks?

Ghosts are a metaphor for memory and remembrance and metaphorically connect our world to the world we cannot know about.” — Leslie What

Hello friends and happy Sunday. It’s a good day to have a good day.  I got a very late start to the day, and yes I blame turning the clocks forward.  Everyone is always excited about warmer weather but I’ve never enjoyed the influx during this time of year.

I don’t much mind it getting darker earlier or later because I work so I don’t really get to enjoy that time as I’m prepping for the following day. But enough of my Spring-time groaning.  Today I’m sharing a new episode and creepy story.

Today we will visit the Red Oak House

****SOURCES ****

/ / Small Horror by Darcy Coats //
Sounds by Pixabay &

**A Sincere Warning About The Entity In Your Home (6 Episodes)*****Chilling November Tales (5 Episodes)*******31 Days of Halloween: MARYLAND LEGENDS (5 Episode)****

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