My Home Updates & Projects for 2023

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog!

It’s a beautiful day to have a beautiful day.

I hope everyone is doing well today and enjoying your favorite things for the Winter season.  Also, remember to check in on friends and family during these short days and longer nights.

We had some unusually warm weather last week (the 60s), and I want a return to Winter.  I’m definitely not ready for Spring, so I need it to stay cold for a little while longer.  According to the weather channel, it’s dipping back down to the 40s with rain (next week) which is depressing but …so it goes.

Well …enough about the depressing weather, today I’m sharing a few home updates that I want to tackle for 2023 or rather before Fall 2023. I’ve been using Milanote off and on to help with links or decor ideas whenever we want to do projects.  My daughter’s bedroom is the next big project coming in early spring.

1 – Dining Rugs, Cowhide (Home Depot), Loomed Rug, (Wayfair)
2 – Francina Task Chair, Wayfair
3 – Drum Storage Coffee Table, Walmart
4 – Jules Vintage Distressed Rug, Rugs Direct
5 – Threshold Entryway Cabinet, Target
6 – Brushed Brass Table Lamp, Home Depot
7 – Walltrend Moody Wallpaper,  Etsy

Updating my tight Entryway

  • NEED: Thrifted cabinet (Preferable)
  • BONUS (Smaller lamp for the entry table)

If I have to must purchase a storage cabinet this Target storage is an option.  My entry space is nill (I don’t have one) so I need something with a small profile, and I can shift some things around to make it work.

When I thrift I plan on checking out the Goodwill, Salvation Army, the Habitat Re-Store, and there’s one other mom n pop thrift shop that I like to visit but it’s hit or miss.

Small Living space

My living room is tiny compared to the rest of this place, but what makes it awkward is the fireplace in the middle of the room, which unevenly divides the space between the dining room.  I refuse to get a small couch to make more room but what I need is storage.

  • NEED: Coffee Table w/storage underneath
  • NEED: Area rug
  • BONUS (Faux Leather Sofa Cover)

Our games and books are taking over and rather than having to donate everything I would like a better, narrow-profile or drum coffee table with storage. I don’t mind giving up some floor space for function.

We desperately need a new rug in the living area because the one I got is cute but a poor choice for high traffic area. It’s a shag rug with tassels (which will never be bright again) so it’s hard to vacuum and keep clean, no matter what I do it looks dingy.  So I’m thinkin’ about a distressed oriental style rug.

The Bedroom

  • Desk organization (browsing for ideas)
  • Desk lamp
  • Desk Chair
  • Shelf organization …dolls (haven’t decided on this one yet)

My daughter says my bedroom is great because everything looks planned, but I know better.  Just because it’s big doesn’t make it better.  My desk is always a mass of unorganized chaos, and I never sit there because I don’t have the right chair.

I don’t have the proper storage for anything and my printer is under my bed because if I put it on my desk it takes up at least 30% of real estate.  My lighting is also horrible so a task lamp or smaller desk lamp would be great.

What’s not shown is my doll collection, books, files, things for my Poshmark store, and extra decor, that is kept in various places (i.e., under my bed, my closet, or this VITTSJO shelf from IKEA. It’s really flimsy so yet again another useless purchase. It would be nice to have planned spaces for all these things, but I haven’t decided what that should be yet.


Last year I got all the bathrooms painted with a nice, semi-gloss (which is what should have been used in the first place…what fool painted our bathrooms with flat paint, I’ll never know), in the color Bit of Sugar.

I would love to add some removable wallpaper because now everything is so flat (basically a white box), but I’m nervous about the removal and how much work it will be.  I think it depends on where it is, and how hot the space gets, because our half bath and my bathroom need a lil sumthin’.

My dining room table also needs a new rug because the one I have now has seen better days.  It’s a circular woven rug that now has tears from moving, general use, and my dining chairs. I’ve seen a few but I’m undecided between the two options below.

Right now my house is dysfunctional, so my goal is to whip everything into shape. I’m not on a deadline, and it doesn’t need to be right now, but it’s something that I will continue to work on and streamline.

I think I have covered just about every space but the kitchen because there really isn’t anything that I can do in there other than find some type of removable tile backsplash.

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Also, for tolerating my mini-rant, and don’t get me wrong I’m thankful for my house, and I’m blessed to have what others do not.  But I also think there’s no harm in some improvement. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe, as I really appreciate the support. — Peace