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Good Reads Challenge: (First Review of 2023) Rules for Vanishing

Hello friends, and happy January!

“Little Lucy, dressed in white
Gave her mother such a fright
Walked into the woods one day
Where she went no one can say”. – Rules for Vanishing

How is everyone doing this Wednesday?  I hope you’re having a great day, and you’re setting some 2023 goals as well as checking in with friends and family.

Today I’m sharing my first book review for 2023 in my Good Reads Challenge.  I’m trying to take advantage of using Libby for library books so I don’t have to spend excess money.  However, the only problem with that is the books that I want to seem to be in high demand, so I got lucky borrowing this one.

As a side note when I add quotes within the post I highlight my own as I’m reading but occasionally I’ll check Good Reads. This time I happened across this tweet while searching, and this would definitely say “pick me up and read me”.  Mind you this book was published in 2019.

My book review of “Rules for Vanishing”.

Title | Rules for Vanishing
| Kate Alice Marshall
Pages | 415
Genre | YA, Paranormal, Thriller, Fantasy
GR Rating | 3.80
Purchase | Amazon


Once a year, the path appears in the forest, and Lucy Gallows beckons. Who is brave enough to find her—and who won’t make it out of the woods?

In the faux-documentary style of The Blair Witch Project comes the campfire story of a missing girl, a vengeful ghost, and the girl who is determined to find her sister—at all costs.

My Rating & Review  (☆☆☆.75)

This YA novel is about more than just a mysterious path. people have been vanishing from the forest. Is it a stupid high school prank …where once a year Lucy Gallows calls out to you and a path will appear?

Or is it that it only calls to certain people?  Sara (our protagonist in this story) will hear the call. Her sister Becca disappeared one year ago and Sara can’t shake the fact that she still may be out there in the forest.

from Rules for Vanishing
“Down a road that no one found
Or are her bones sunk in the ground?
How many steps did Lucy take?
One, two, there, four…”

This book is described as a Blaire Witch-Esq faux documentary-style story however, I didn’t see that. What I got was a group of friends lost in the woods staring down this urban legend about Lucy Gallows that has been passed around and embellished over time.

Yes they had cameras to document everything, so I can see how one might add that in a description, but since Blair Witch is a movie that same style doesn’t translate in the book.

Back to my review …Sara has been lost since her sister Becca went missing one year ago, and her friends have been walking on eggshells not quite knowing what to say, or how to say it.  None of them want to say “We’ve tried to help you but you’ve pushed us away“.

from Rules for Vanishing
“Do you want to know where Lucy went?
She went to play the game.
You can play, too.”

Sara and her estranged friends all receive the message inviting them to play the game. The game? Find the ghost legend Lucy Gallows, find a partner, and find the key. Sara just wants to find her sister and is prepared to play the game.

Remember the rules. Always stay with your partner, never stray from the road and most of all don’t let “them” distract you.

Will the group find Lucy Gallows? Would Sara find her sister Becca? One thing for sure is that the group would be forever changed on this journey. Ultimately, these unlikely friends would learn to rely on and trust one another as some will never return home, and some would become a part of the road forever.

My Good Reads Challenge Progress

That concludes my short review.  Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  I’m onto my next read The Book of Cold Cases, by Simone St. James. Don’t forget to follow and subscribe, as I really appreciate the support. — Peace

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