The Best of 2022: Selfcare and Mental Health Awareness

 Hello friends and Happy January 3rd!

“covered in snow
the trees rest in
winter silence.

― Meeta Ahluwalia

What’s up everyone and how are you?   I hope everyone is taking some time to themselves to reset and establish some 2023 goals.  Doing something new like sending a card or a handwritten note to a friend or family member, and most of all getting plenty of rest and staying hydrated even in these colder months.

This week I’ve been packing away (all) my holiday decorations and prepping to move them to my storage unit.  It’s a little sad as it goes back to normal but I plan on filling some spots with some timeless pieces and shopping my house.

I also have 3 bags of holiday, and apparel donations, which means I can check out the thrift stores again.  My rule of thumb is that for every 3 things I bring in 4 can go out.  This week I’m continuing with my best of the best from 2022 and going back through the blog to highlight the posts I’m most proud of.

And so it goes...

I don’t post much about beauty or self-care but I did make an effort (at least once a month) to highlight some self-care routines and mental health awareness.


My Favorite Skin Oils

When you have acne-prone skin you don’t think of using oil because it’s said that acne comes from clogged pores, but clogged does not mean oily.  According to Dr. Noelani González (Mt. Sinai West, New York), face oils strengthen the outer layer of your skin by sealing in moisture. Since most oils are plant-based your skin can benefit. [More]



My Favorite Yoga & Exercise Instructors on YouTube

Today continues self-love as I share my favorite yoga instructors on Youtube.  I’ve been following these ladies over the years, and they have been helping me stretch out my joints, strengthen my core, and tone my body as well as meditate.  [More]




Sunscreens to Protect Your Skin for the Season

Summer is just around the corner but with the warmer weather approaching, along with the damaging rays of the sun, I’m already thinking about my skincare.  So today I want to share some great sunscreens to protect your skin. [More]



Time to Start Healing…It’s Time to Journal

I’m a huge advocate of creating a journal, and this was before I started seeing a therapist.  The first thing she said during our initial appointment was … “do you keep a journal, I’d like you to start one“. [More]



HEALTH WATCH: 5 Things That Can Spike Your Blood Sugar

Last weekend I checked myself into the emergency room due to a fever of 102, chills, and an elevated heart rate while resting at 170 bpm.  I had so much anxiety and I was really stressed (which is another factor), but when I got to the hospital I was taken immediately and given an ECG, asked tons of questions, given about 10 vials of blood for tests, and started on an IV for fluids. [More]



A Healing Diary: My Journey Towards Better Mental Health

Today I’m sharing a bit of my journey with therapy.  I know it seems like a daunting task but one of my “to-do” things for 2022, was seeing a therapist.  Therapy has been helpful to me in the past and over the last few years, especially with the pandemic I’ve needed to work through some issues. [More]


Most of my self-care posts ended around August because beyond that point was Fall, Halloween, and of course Christmas.  I think self-care routines are personal, so although I can share what I do, it doesn’t have to align with the broad view of what’s best.  You know what’s best for your body so do what works.  Not just because it’s a “New Years'” resolution but a lifestyle resolution.

This ends my post today. I’m still continuing (this week) with the “Best of the Best of 2022” on the blog. I know I’m not blogging on any type of schedule, but this freedom has allowed me to push out content in a much more relaxed fashion. Thanks so much for visiting.  — Happy New Year!

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