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12 Days of Christmas – Day #11 – Christmas Eve Traditions

 Hello friends and Merry Christmas…welcome back!

Friends we are here. It’s Christmas Eve, and I’m prepping for tomorrow.  I hope everyone is spending time with friends and family and enjoying the season.

Today is my cake-making day, but of course, I forgot cake flour, so I’ll let you how this turned out, or how many tries it took. Otherwise, I’m setting my table, and cooking my ham.  We don’t have an elaborate dinner planned but I also don’t want to be in the kitchen all day. Our holiday punch will get made today as well as prepping a french toast bake for the morning.

Dinner Menu

Meatloaf * Glazed Ham * Fried green beans * Rice * Corn Casserole * Vanilla Sparkle Cake


Today is all the classic movies.  My daughter watched “It’s a Wonderful Life” while I was in the kitchen, I think Die is next, and after that who knows. Our “actual” Dashing All The Way” puzzle is almost done.  This year all my gifts are wrapped (whoo-hoo) and of course what’s Christmas Eve without some music while in you’re holiday jammie-jams (LOL)

Well friends I’ll end this post here, just a simple quiet day while I reflect on Christmas.  Thanks so much for visiting, and have a Merry Christmas. — Wyetha