Updated! Command Center Ideas to Stay Organized

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Happy Happy Friday friends.  I’m so glad you made your way to my little corner and thank you so much for visiting.  It’s Friday, and my first week back at work was …well it just was.  (LOL) Getting back into the swing of things is always an adjustment but work must be done.

My daughter tells me that she doesn’t want to take 5 consecutive days off too often because she feels like she doesn’t want to go back.  That brought back memories friends, because that was me 19 years ago when I started my job.  It was so stressful, and I was so unhappy that I dreaded going back.  I felt like a free person going to jail …seriously because my anxiety would kick in and I would mysterously get sick.  I can delve more into that at another time.

Today I’m doing something I don’t do very often and that’s revisiting a popular post on the blog called Creating a Command Center With Items From Amazon .  From time to time I track the links from my older posts and I found that many of the items were no longer available.  (That’s Amazon for you)  So I wanted to update the links and find some great alternatives for the items that are out of stock.

Original Home Command Center

I’ve included some alternates and swaps below of the items that are no longer availabe.  I’ve also updated the original post.


Shop Links

1. Cork Bulletin Board
2. Key Hook … This item is no longer available – Wood Key Holder Plaque Alternative
3. Magazine/File Organizer … The original color/combination is sold out, the current link is for a black option
4. Mail Bin … This item is no longer available  Mail Holder, Key Hook Alternative
5. Coat Hooks
6. Shoe Tray
7. Chalk or Dry Erase Board
8. Wall Clock
9. Decorative Wall Letter

Updated Home Command Center

For this new Home Command Center I’ve branched out to include Target and Etsy.

Shop Links

1. Hexagon Pin Board, Etsy
2. Wall Clock, Target
3. Chalkboard Calendar, Etsy
4. File Holder Organizer, Amazon
5. Magnetic Key Holder, Etsy
6. Modern Wall Letters, Etsy
7. Leather Wall Envelope, Etsy
8. Coat Hooks, Etsy

Command Center Breakdown

  • Pin Boards (or corkboards) is great for pinning notices, or schools letters.  Basically anything with a dealine that you need to put eyes on.
  • Who doesn’t need a wall clock.  Yes it’s decorative but it also keeps you on task.
  • Chalkboard calendars are great because you never have to worry about replacing pages.  All you have to do is populate the calendar with all your important dates and appointments.
  • A file organizer is great for paperwork, and just having a place to sort things before they go to their final place.  These organizers can also be used for mail.
  • These magnetic key holders are genius, and a great way to keep your keys in place where you need them.  Note:  I wouldn’t try to hang a massive set of keys, but for a mailbox (if you have one) or front door key it’s a great option.
  • I love signage because it always takes a small space to the next level.  Use one letter (for the family’s last name) or just a word.
  • Wall envelopes are great for small items like receipts or that stray ticket you need to keep handy.  It’s also a great drop-zone so you’ll never forget where you placed those small items, and they can be mounted for easier access.
  • Coat hooks can be of great use for hats, jackets, or lighter backpacks because this keeps them in there place and it’s always ready to go for school or work

I hope this is list is helpful to anyone looking to create a home command center in their space.  I know I would have found this really helpful when my daughter was in school and involved with a few extracurricular activities.

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