Blogging Content Planners for the New Year!

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today!

How are my friends doing on this wintery Wednesday.  I hope everyone is adjusting to the new year and writing 2022 instead of 21.  (I know …it always takes a while)  This week has been all about getting my house back to neutral. So I’ve been organizing all of my Christmas Holiday decor to back into storage.

I’m also purging, donating and listing some items on Poshmark to give my home a fresh start for the new year.  The new year is also when I buy a new planner for the blog.  In past years I’ve always purchased a planner from Micheal’s which works out ok but I end up crossing out a lot and not using what I’ve originally writen because there’s no space for actual “planning”.

However I’ve happen to stumble upon (literally) a few blogging content planners that would work for anyone who wants to plan out their social media posts.


Canva is probably the easiet source and all of these templates are free, however I do pay monthly for Canva premium so I can access the premium content for the blog.

I don’t mind paying for a planner because it’s the one thing that’s most helpful and allows me to do a brain-dump (so to speak) when I’m planning out my content for the seasons.


Etsy is also a great source and these one-pagers are priced pretty good.  These templetes can be edited on your tablet or laptop, or they can be printed and used in your spiral bound planner.

Traditional Planners

I still love traditional planners, but I don’t want to mix my blogging schedule with my personal schedule because it’s overwhelming.  So I will probably purchase one of these mini calendars to keep track of events or get a pretty journal for notes and things I want to remember.


For now I will handwrite something in one of my journals for planning until I figure out what works best for me.  Last year (2021) I didn’t even write anything for the month of December because I used a draft blog post as a template and within that I took notes, wrote down my color scheme and planned out my content for my series.

The one good thing about using a standard planner or writing things down, notebook style is that you always have them.  If I use my laptop they end up in a sea of other files which I’m already trying to wrangle.  The print-out option may work, and I love the Etsy and Canva options.   If you have a tablet then the digital options may work best for you.

With that I’ll close this post today, because I need to get to planning. (LOL). Thanks so much for visiting the blog and don’t forget to follow and subscribe.  – Happy New Year!

Header Image … Etsy
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