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12 Days of Christmas: Day #5 …My Holiday Decor Wish List

Happy Holiday Fam! Welcome to the blog today …I’m glad you landed here in my little corner.

Happy Friday everyone!  I know we haven’t gotten to this Christmas yet, but I’m already thinking about next year, and few things I want to incorporate and upgrade.

Today I’m sharing my Christmas Decor wish list.


Growing up we had a fake tree that was 10 years old and still beautiful.  (I guess they made things different back then…LOL)  Currently we have A LOT of ornaments, and even though I want to add a garland there’s just no room without it looking really cluttered.

I know fake tree’s are in investment.  If I was looking for a cheap tree I can find one for under $60 and be done with it.  However, I know how much mileage I’m gonna get out of that $60 dollar tree, and after a year or so the fake needles will start shedding.  So I’m willing to pay a bit more to get a tree from Balsim Hill (on sale) and keep this one for a really long time.


A few years ago I purchased (or rather just had to have) this black wicker Hearth and Hand tree collar which was lovely even on my skinny tree.  Storing it was the issue because it didn’t snap together or break down, so eventually, I donated it which was a bummer.

I currently have a basket that got from World Market that my tree sits in.  However if I get a different type of tree it. probably will not work, so now I have to figure out what to do with this HUGE basket because I’m definatly not giving it away.


This is something I just need to stock up on in the off months because you can never find it during the holiday.  I visited Michaels last weekend, (thinking) ok I just need a few rolls to update what I have, and they had nothing.

Hallmark had plenty of wrapping paper, but I only managed to get 3 rolls of the plainest paper I could find.  My fav is kraft paper becaue you can accent that with an ornament, a handwritten note with a marker, a pretty bow, or live greenery.

You also don’t have to spend a lot of money on those cheap bows, because I’ve been reusing the same ribbon for years.  We just keep what we unwrap.


I started making my own tree topper, (a large bow) just 3 years ago. This year I wasn’t feeling the bow and I wanted an “actual” topper.  This matte black star tree topper is my dream, but they seem to be a bit expensive so I’m waiting for after Christmas and maybe the one I really want will be on sale.


I’ve never really been one for Christmas stockings, mostly because there was never a place to hang them that was appropriate. Now (not including the mantle because it’s not a REAL fireplace mantle), I have a stair case to show off a few stockings.

Additional Trinkets

There’s always those extra things you want, and for me it’s some Vintage bells for a wreath I made, ornament spinners, extra wooden beads for a large garland I can DIY, and a blanket for the tree cuff.

Are there any additions to your holiday decor this year?  Do you go all out or do you prefer minimal decorations?  Let me know down in the comments.  Thanks so much for visiting the blog today, and I’m rounding the corner to the first week of my series.  Have a great weekend, and Happy Holidays!

header Photo by Hert Niks on Unsplash