31 Days of Halloween

31 Days of Halloween: Day #9 …This Week’s Round-Up

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today and Day #9 in my 31 Days of Halloween!

It’s Satruday!  My much needed day of rest, and I get to sleep late, maybe hit up a thirft store, but the word for the day is “Relaxation”.  I hope everyone had a good week this week, and I hope you’re enjoying the Fall season.

Today I’m rounding up the first week of my series.  

Catch up on this weeks posts!

SUNDAY:  …Day #3…Scary Story Podcast

What’s up people!  Happy Sunday…Happy Scary Story Sunday.  Each week I’ll post a new story to the Podcast.

MONDAY:  … Day #4 … Binge-Worthy “B” Horror Movies 

I watch classic B-Horror movies just about every Saturday night.  I love Vincent Price and the Hammer House Films. These movies show a shift in our culture, and the very beginnings of what was considered scary during this time. (2019)

TUESDAY: 31  … Day #5 … Would You Rather? for Halloween

Today I’m sharing a “Would You Rather…Halloween edition”.  I think these are always fun during this time of year.  Wheter you’re young or old, or if you change your mind from time to time, no one response is the same.

WEDNESDAY:  … Day #6 … Fall & Halloween T-Shirts for the Season

Today I’m sharing some fun (and scary) Hallowen and Fall themed t-shirts.  So far I’ve have 3 from last year, but my favorite one is my Halloween tee (The Day He Came Home…LOL).  Amazon has a pretty good selection as well as Etsy, but I’ve also added a few selection by Design by Humans.

THURSDAY:  … Day #7 … Halloween Goodies on Netflix to Binge

Lately there have been so many goodies to watch on Netflix for the season.  I’ve already seen a few, but I can’t wait to be still and partake in all the Halloween-esq goodness.

FRIDAY:  … Day #8 … My Halloween Playlist

This post is pretty much to the day of last years.  I’ve updated a few songs, and changed a few graphics but otherwise I enjoy this time of year where I can get in a festive mood and play this fun list.


Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Stay tuned for more in my 31 Days of Halloween series, and don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe. — Happy Halloween! —

Header Photo by Toby Osborn on Unsplash