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BOOK REVIEW: The Family Upstairs

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I hope everyone is doing well this Wednesday, and I hope your staying cool and dry.  It’s been storming off an on in my area for the past 6 days, but I don’t worry about the rain.  I figure we need it.

So today I have another book review.  My daughter and I have been listening to audio books as part of our summer activities and we started and finished The Family Updstairs in 5 days, which is a record for us.

Book Review

Title | The Family Upstairs
| Lisa Jewel
Pages | 340
Genre | Thriller, Mystery
GR Rating | 3.96
Purchase | Amazon

The Family Upstairs is a captivating story surrounding a family that befriends the wrong people. The unassuming family would soon regret the decision made that would send everything they had come to know and understand into a tailspin.

The story begins with Libby Jones who learns on her 25 birthday the true story of her adoptive parents when she inherits their abandoned mansion. Libby Jones was 10-months old and the only survivor left in the abandoned mansion.

She soon finds out through a reporter the torrid details that her parents (along with other members of the household) were killed in an apparent suicide pact, and all the children in the home have disappeared.

What Libby didn’t know is that others would also be waiting for her 25 birthday, as this sets the story for the Lamb family. With a house full of secrets, deception, and abuse readers are kept in the dark until the very end.

This story had so many twists and turns and as we got further and further into our audiobook, we just couldn’t stop listening. To find out how the family fell, lost their fortune, and how naïve and trusting they were. These strangers would intertwine themselves into the family structure, in a cult-like manner, assuming that they were reducing their carbon footprint on the world.

It’s really hard to review this book and not give everything away but trust me you will enjoy it.


Currently Reading

Title | A Cut For A Cut 
| Carol Wyer
Pages | 356
Genre | Thriller, Mystery
GR Rating | 4.05
Purchase | Amazon


In the bleak countryside around Blithfield Reservoir, a serial murderer and rapist is leaving a trail of bloodshed. His savage calling card: the word ‘MINE’ carved into each of his victims.

DI Kate Young struggles to get the case moving—even when one of the team’s own investigators is found dead in a dumpster. But Kate is battling her own demons. Obsessed with exposing Superintendent John Dickson and convinced there’s a conspiracy running deep in the force, she no longer knows who to trust. Kate’s crusade has already cost her dearly. What will she lose next?

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