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That Other One (Over There!…Projects)

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.

Happy, Happy (add on how many you like) Friday!  I feel like this week has been longer than most when in reality it wasn’t.  I’ve just felt so tired lately, so I’m just trying to pinpoint where all my energy went, and how I get it back. (LOL)

The weather has been a bit nicer, and I went out to a few stores this week, which was great.  I wasn’t looking for anything special (in home decor) but I wasn’t blown-away by what I saw at TJ Max or Home Goods.  They usually have such great stuff but nothing was shouting…BUY ME!

Other Project (That Other One)

Running a blog can be hard, and a bit tedious, so working on other projects when you spend most of your time in front a screen can be challenging.  You want to be in the moment (in real life), living the moment, and not worrying about taking pictures or getting it down in a note.

For some of my long-time subbies you know I started collecting dolls (2013), and then from there started building furniture and working on miniatures.  For a long while I wanted to get an IKEA dollhouse but just didn’t have the motivation or the space where I was living prior.

Enter … IKEA Dollhouse (Shelf)

However a new season makes projects bloom so recently I got my first IKEA dollhouse to hack.  I have another (smaller) blog called The Dollplace Project, where I blog about my designs, anything I can DIY for the little house, and all things miniature.  So, today I want to share what I’ve been working on.

The house itself was really easy to assemble but I wanted to trick it out so it looks like “actual” folks could live in it.  (LOL)

Here is the progress I’ve made so far.  

I created a geometric accent wall for the bedroom.  You can read the full post here but I know you want me to get to the photos.

The house was layed on it’s back so I could work from the front.  I cut and layed all the little coffee stirs to create this wall.

All Done!

I also painted one accent wall black (in the bathroom) and added a little vanity that I got last year.  It needed a little fixing so I used my drill to make a hole for the spout.  I also added wallpaper to the bedroom and bathroom.

I can’t tell you how much my soul needed something creative to do.  I’ve always loved dollhouses and things I’ve seen some folks create are AMAZING.  These miniatures will blow you mind.  Here is a glimpse at the two rooms with wallpaper plus another little wood feature.  I promise to take more in-depth pictures as soon as I finish more.  Don’t forget to check out my other blog … The Dollplace Project for everything I have planned.

Bedroom Wall & Partial Bath

Bathroom w/Wood Feature

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Don’t forget to follow and subscribe, and have a great rest of your day.  — Peace —