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Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today!

I hope everyone is doing well on this wonderful Wednesday. It’s a holiday-weekend-hangover for me.  Not in the literal sense but in the sense that it was hard to get up on-time, despite my time off. It was like walking through mud as “all-the-things” needed to be done at work, but I felt sluggish.   I do feel refreshed (sleep-wise) but there is a laziness to everything.  All I want to do is sit by my window and read.

With that said I’m getting on with my Good Reads Challenge, and I’m here today with another book review.  We’ve finished  The Mother of Black Hollywood: A Memoir by Jenifer Lewis, and I’m about 65% of the way through  The Whisper Man.  I will say the latter is creepier to read at night.  Just think of someone luring you out by whispering at  your window.  

The Mother of Black Hollywood: A Memoir by Jenifer Lewis

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Title | The Mother of Black Hollywood: A Memoir
| Jenifer Lewis
Pages | 336
Genre | Memoir, Nonfiction
GR Rating | 4.32
Purchase | Amazon

First Impression

What can you say about Jenifer Lewis, aka The Mother of Black Hollywood…Not a damn thing according to this diva.


really enjoyed this candid, raw look into her life and what makes Jenifer … Jenifer.  The lives she’s touched and the impact she’s made on Broadway are phenomenal.  Her rise is that of someone who was always hungry for more.  As she segwayed into television and movies, she never held anything back, which at times got her into trouble, but I respect her honesty and “bigger-than-life” attitude.

Her honesty was refreshing as she talked about dealing with manic depression and mental illness. An abusive mother, and her relationships as she walked the fine line that most women do.  Her. struggles and battles as she watches so many of her friends succumb to the AID’s epidemic, and at times feeling like she wanted to scream.

She gushes as she talks about her friendships with Bett Midler, and Whoopie, as well as meeting Oprah for the first time.  Her candid nature gives you the real on almost being a rape victim and how she used sex as a stress reliever, knowing it wasn’t an answer to her manic behavior.  Not all black women are one-size-fits-all and I appreciate the realness.  We struggle … we rise, we fight … we rise, we fall … we rise. This is what I took away from my experience with this memoir.

“Embrace the struggle, to respect the rise.” (unknown)

This was a beautiful read not just black women, but all women.  Jenifer Lewis touches on every aspect that we may face in our lives, and I felt it was one of those good books that needed reading.  This book also has a center section with photo’s from Jenifer’s “One Women Shows”, playbills, and candid pictures with friends and family.  This is definitely a great read.

Currently Reading

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Title | The Whisper Man (65%)
| Alex North
Pages | 405
Genre | Thriller, Mystery
GR Rating | 4.05
Purchase | Amazon


After the sudden death of his wife, Tom Kennedy believes a fresh start will help him and his young son Jake heal. A new beginning, a new house, a new town: Featherbank.

But Featherbank has a dark past. Twenty years ago, a serial killer abducted and murdered five residents. Until Frank Carter was finally caught, he was nicknamed “The Whisper Man,” for he would lure his victims out by whispering at their windows at night.


My Good Reads Challenge Remaining Books

Can I get through them by December 31st?

What’s on your Summer Reading list.  Let me know in the comments.  Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Don’t forget to follow the blog and subscribe. Have a great Wednesday! — Peace —

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