Easy DIY’s for the Summer!

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What’s up people and happy Wednesday.  It’s been so hot in the DMV over the past week but it’s that time of year.  There’s really not too much to do to beat the heat with things (just) reopening, so I like to find things I can do inside.

There’s nothing like a DIY project to work the other side of your brain, and if you saved my DIY Toolkit, then you already have (most) of what you need.  For these projects, you may need some wood pieces, and few odds and ends, but that’s nothing that a trip to the craft store or Home Depot can’t fix.

Working With Wood

I have yet to tackle any additional DIYs as I’m still finishing up my work on canvas.  I have one more painting before I will take on anything else, and then I’ll begin work on a special little project that I’ve had my eye on. More to come…


I use to think that working with wood was intimidating or just impossible and you had to be an expert, but most of these projects use a softwood (Balsawood), or they come assembled.  As an added bonus Home Depot or Lowes will cut wood for you, but there is a cap on how many cuts.

Wood DIYs


1.] X-Shaped Trivets which is a modern take on your typical kitchen trivets.  This doesn’t mean you can’t be creative and make these coordinate with your color scheme or style.
2.] These Modern Bookends are a must right now, and will probably be my next project.  They are clean simple and only require a few supplies.
3.] Who doesn’t need a calendar. This flip calendar is a great accessory for your home or office, and you can customize it with any type of contact paper.
4.] This Wooden Wall clock is probably the most challenging project because it does require a drill.  This is a great project to flip your thinking on what you can do with wood.
5.] This Footed Vanity Tray is perfect for small bathrooms, and you can change the size of the tray and customize it for not just the vanity but the back of the toilet or anyplace you may need to corral things in the bathroom.
6.] This Hickory Chop Board is another easy project and a nice addition to your kitchen or table. This is definitely a DIY that you will take pride in.




1. X-Shape Trivets + Home Edit
2. Modern Bookends + Love Create Celebrate
3. Flip Calendar + Home Edit
4. Wooden Wall clock + The Lovely Drawer
5. Footed Vanity Tray + Homey Oh My
6. Hickory Chop Board + Francis et Moi

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header photo by Vladimir Proskurovskiy on Unsplash