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Happy fantastic Friday to everyone!  Was your week was productive, calming, and stress-free? (I hope so)  While last weekend was rainy, this weekend is back to warmer (well hot) temperatures.  I’m looking forward to planning some projects around my house, relaxing, and getting into my latest book.

[AD] Today I’m sharing my favorite place for presets on Etsy.  And I’m pleased as punch to be working with CC Presets.

Lightroom presets (for me) have been a creative way to add a look to my photos using saturation, tone, and light.  You can give your images a vintage look, create snow effects, and seasonal colors to enhance your pictures.  Maybe your lighting wasn’t perfect, and if your not sure how to correct it … a preset can do that for you.

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What Adobe Lightroom?

Adobe Lightroom is a desktop-based photo editor program in which photos are stored locally, such as on your external or computer hard drive. Adobe Lightroom is a non-destructive software that keeps the original image separate from any in-program edits, saving the edited image as a new file. (Source: Adobe)

[Adobe Lightroom does require a purchase for the desktop version but the app is free.]

What is a Lightroom Preset?

A Lightroom preset is a configuration of settings, designed to achieve a certain look or style of your photo. You install the presets into your lightroom and then when you click on a particular preset while in the develop module, the pre-determined (pre-set) settings will apply to that photo. With just one click on a preset, your photo can be altered in hundreds of different pre-set alterations to colors, hues, shadows, contrast, grain, and more. (Source: Adobe)

Over the years I’ve gotten presets through Adobe, and while I love them, they tend to be costly.  So while searching online in my favorite place (Etsy) I found CC Presets.

Michele (owner of CC Preset) is a professional photographer and creates beautiful presets that can be used in Adobe Lightroom on your desktop or mobile versions. With over 70 custom presets and overlays your sure to find something in her shop that can take your photos to the next level.  

Some of the overlays include Falling Snow, Fog, and Falling Rain
Other presets I love…Dark Skin, Cinematic, and Monochrome
Presets I’ve Used…

Food Lovers Before & After


35mm Film Before & After

Now on CCPreset if you buy 2 you get 2 for free using the code “2FREE” in the shop. So go check out CC Preset and take a look at some of the great sets and overlays.

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Header Photob… Alex Andrews from Pexels


Images … CC Preset
Before/After Images … Me!