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New H & M Home Decor & Haul

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.

Happy, Happy Friday everyone.  I’m glad to be with you here at the end of the week in good spirits and less tired.  The past several days have been busy as we end the first 30-days in the house.  It’s really starting to feel like home.

Today I’m sharing a few things that I picked up from H & M Home which is not new but this is my first purchase from their home line which I’m loving so far.

My New Aesthetic

I’m looking for a lighter, cleaner style for this home.  Rewind to just 4 years ago and I was in love with everything Farmhouse.  Not the antiqued, faded paint, cows, and Hey Y’all aspect but I loved the rustic element.  Fast forward to now, and I’m looking for cleaner lines, and style that’s more put together.  I don’t have a name for it, but it combines mid-century, some traditional, with a bit of boho mixed in.  I call this Mid-Century-Modern-Farm. (LOL)

So Here Is What I Got

Everything I’ve Hauled is Now on Sale!

Waffle-weave Bathrobe (This color is now sold out, but they have other colors and styles) + Oval Vase + Scented Candles in Mahagony & Olive and Sage  + Black Wire Storage Baskets (Small, Large Basket is Sold Out), Wooden Picture Frame, Wooden Flower Pot (Now Sold Out) + Black Metal Tray (Available in Silver)


My living space has a smaller footprint even though we have two levels. Trying to cram everything into the living room just wasn’t going to work.  We’ve kept our massive movie collection, games, and puzzles but I down-sized my coffee table (IKEA bench seat), got a smaller rug for the awkward living room space, and updated my IKEA sofa with a new cover. (Looks like a brand new sofa!)

KIVIK Sofa Cover Gray + Off White Morrocan Chevron Rug + Bench Seat + Seagrass Basket + Beige Pillow Cover + Gold Dot Pillow Cover + Graphic Inlay Cover

I’m excited about starting this new chapter, and we are slowly working our way through room-by-room.  I will (eventually) take some photos even though I feel it will never be photo-ready.  I love sharing things with my LBW Family, and I can’t wait to show you more.

Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Don’t forget to follow the blog so you can get updates on the home decorating progress. Have a great weekend! — Peace —