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My Ideal Bedroom Decor

Hello Friends and welcome to the blog today.

Today I’m sharing my decor ideas for my bedroom.  For this post, I went back through my past archives to see if I ever had a plan.  All I could find were some pictures and a mood board … so sad. LOL

Your bedroom is an important space.  It’s where you get ready for the day, where you rest, pray, dream, and it takes care of you when you’re sick.  Your bedroom should reflect the best parts of your personality.

When it comes to my room I’ve never had any theme or style.  It’s always been random pieces from Ikea and West Elm, sprinkled in with no real cohesiveness.  My furniture serves the purpose of function only.


Theme and Style

It’s hard for me to pin down a particular theme or style because I’m all over the place and I like everything.  This is the problem and the reason why all of my furniture reflects something different.


I like touches of boho.  I’ve stepped away from the traditional farmhouse, but I like the modern farmhouse style.  Mid-Century modern also catches my eye.  Yes … so many styles for one little space.

What Do I Want?

I’ve spent oodles of times trying to figure this out.  I want a black accent wall, a stylish-rustic bedframe, and nightstands. I can’t decide between sconces or lamps, and  I love creamy colors and furs. Accent rugs are a must, with gold and blush tones.

Here are some samples I pulled from Pinterest the one-stop-shop for inspiration.

Grit & Polish via Pinterest

Dreams Cost Money

So now we’re down to the money.  I can put boards together all day long, but as we all know things cost money, and there are some items that I can’t DIY or thrift.

Getting a new bed frame is a must.  The one I have now is decades old but it’s sturdy and I’ve never had any issues with it.  (They just don’t make furniture like this anymore).  So when I finally purchase a new frame I will be looking for something that’s good quality and meant to last.

Nightstands don’t bear any weight so I can definitely, thrift, upcycle, or DIY these.  Add in paint, lighting, a rug, and some accessories and I’ve got just about everything I will need.

All or Nothing

I’ve always struggled with decorating a section or doing it all at one time.  When I buy something for my room I’m so excited to use it, so I take it out and put it in place, but it doesn’t go with the mismatched things I have going on, and then I lose steam.

I think it’s good to be patient (I’m terrible at this) and get everything you need, then spend a weekend and knock it all out.  This way you have your vision right in front of you, and if you need to tweak your design, it’s just a minor modification.

Desinio Hygge Print & Lake In Sunset Print

I am so ready to finally start working on a bedroom that completely my style. Now that I have a budget, I can find an inexpensive hack and plan on sales to help decorate my room.

Of course, this means that B’s design plan comes next.  She’s already given me her Pin Boards. LOL

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Photo by Dominika Roseclay from Pexels