Monday…Looking for Motivation

Hello and Welcome!

Hello Everyone! and Happy Monday.  Does anyone else feel like they’re on a hamster wheel?  I almost feel like I’m in that Groundhog Day movie.  I want to be excited about the holiday(s), but as I’ve mentioned before I just think everything is starting to get to me more and more.  So my blog today is a great place to unwind and share everything that’s happening with me.

“Anger is the most useless emotion, destructive to the mind and hurtful to the heart.” – Stephen King, Song of Susannah

What’s Happening?

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Let’s recap last week … I mentioned that I still working with restricting the blog as I changed web templates.

The hardest thing so far has been changing my Instagram.  I completely removed every photo that I posted and started fresh.  I don’t really put too much stock on Instagram for promoting my site.  It doesn’t hurt it, but it hasn’t helped result in more traffic for me.  I know everyone’s experience has been different but the bulk of my traffic comes from Facebook and right here on WordPress.

It’s the reason why I will continue to host my blog here, as it’s been the best tool to engage everyone, and talk to folks from all over the country on things we like, hobbies, and personal interests.

Finding Motivation in Simple Things


My bottle is almost empty as I’ve searched for motivation to keep me going. I use to have an endless tap and find “it” in all things.  But lately, it’s been waning.  Stability is one of the things that adds to my sense of calm, during these times, and one of those things is work.

In the past, (like most people) I  took my job for granted as I knew it would always be there.  It’s the one constant that remains even though it’s been restructured to accommodate staff virtually.

Last week my boss announced his retirement, and our department’s flow of work will change,  but we won’t really be able to get a feel for this until we are (physically) back at work.  Our new timeline to return is March 2021, and that’s comforting in our current climate.

I use to find motivation in simple things like having someplace to go every day even though it drove me crazy.  That longing for home, to put my feet up, have a nice dinner, and start the whole thing all over again. There was the motivation in media, blogs, and resources, which is still there however it’s me that’s changed.

Feeling Stuck

The feeling of being stuck is one that I wouldn’t wish on anyone because you feel helpless, and in some ways, that’s where I feel like I am.Goodobjects Illus_Adobe

  • Ready to buy a house but waiting for the right one to come on the market;
  • Trying to save additional funds for my down payment;
  • Longing to love the holiday but having trouble with my current surroundings; and
  • Just all the things.

I know that what I’m feeling is temporary, and may seem impossible but I find that impossible task requires that you endure it, and press on.

The New Normal

illustrations_adobeSome great things have come out of being at home on a regular basis and that’s scheduled activities.  Yes, it sounds crazy but scheduled fun time is something we’ve looked forward to.

My daughter makes a schedule every week, and we do everything from karaoke, to listening to podcasts.  We work on puzzles, color, play games, via YouTube trivia, and do virtual museum visits. Adding just one activity after work is something that helps replenish my tap and looking forward to more upcoming activities.

What are some creative ways that you dig yourself out of a funk? Connecting with people on the same issues is also one way that I cope with things.  I know what I’m feeling is temporary and like a cloudy day, it soon will pass.

Thanks so much for hanging out with me today.  I hope everyone has a great week.  I’m also going to be posting (soon) about where I find all these watercolor graphics.  They are so fun to work with.  That’s it for today. — Peace —

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