Holiday Plans During a Pandemic & Missing Family

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog.  Today I’m talking about holiday plans during the pandemic.

It’s no secret that this year will be difficult if you normally spend the holiday with your family. Thanksgiving for me was either going to Atlanta Georgia or my Mom coming to Virginia. It can be a killjoy when everyone will now be spending Thanksgiving and probably Christmas without family.

Conversation with Mom…

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I had a conversation with my Mom about this very subject last week. We talked about how we missed our time together, what we were making, and how we were planning to spend the day. Many people may feel a sense of loss, because I know I do. All my Aunties and cousins are in Atlanta so it’s sad that I can’t travel as I would like to. It’s a long drive but stops along the way, and the destination makes up a big part of it.

During Thanksgiving…

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I would usually be blogging about holiday guests, Thanksgiving dinner essentials, cleaning your home for company, and easy side dishes. I feel like now most of that is a wash as folks are not entertaining in the usual way.

That being said I don’t want to let everything that’s happening dampen my spirits. As long as I’m here and I open my eyes every day I’m thankful, and I am thankful for many things this year. In hindsight, we can look back at 2020 and say… “You’re in my review”, and look forward to the new year.


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Since I’m not going “all-out” on making food … and see how my kitchen is set up (LOL) I just don’t have space. So we will make the staples (per usual), and then spend the rest of the evening reminiscing on “Oh What a Year This has Been” while eating dessert and watching Charlie Brown.

Black Friday…

@alenaganzhela @goodobjectsWe are going out for a little bit on Black Friday, but honestly, the day just doesn’t have the same oomph as it did before.

And if you’re trying to save money (like me), it’s better in my pocket than spent on something I don’t need. I am guilty of hitting up Target, Home Goods, and Michaels, but I have a limited budget and once it’s gone … I’m done for the weekend.

Well, that sums up my Thanksgiving holiday plans.  What are you planning for the holiday?  Whatever you do I hope you stay safe amongst the chaos.  Remember to subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss any of my upcoming posts. — Peace —

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