The Best Graphics for Fall on Freepik

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It’s Monday and I’m hopeful for a good week.  No stress or anxiety about work, my home search, cost breakdowns, or spreadsheets.  Just an average (the new normal) week.  I really want to be excited about October, my upcoming birthday, and cooler temps.

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Fall graphics from Freepik.  If you’ve seen an illustration or graphic on my signature block or an info-graphic that I’ve created then more than likely I found it on Freepik.  Freepik is a free online source for photo’s, images, mock-up, and illustrations.  You can pay for premium images, but I’ve found everything for free.


Fall Graphics on Freepik

Just remember when using images, graphics, and illustrations from Freepik to attribute the source.  You want to make sure the creators of the image get the proper credit.  Make sure to always include the title, author, and source.  This is provided once you download any image from Freepik.

Fall Scene Camera with Photos + Source Freepik


If you’re handy with Photoshop you can create a clipping mask and insert your own images over the mock-up to make this a great header for your social media post.  Most of the mock-ups are .psd files.

Coffee Cup at Bedside + by Freepik


Autumn Leaves Collection + by Freepik


Hand Painted Autumnal Elements + by Freepik


Clothes with Autumnal Watercolor Accessories + by Freepik


Watercolor Recipe + by Pikisuperstar


Falling Watercolor Collection + by Photographeeasia


Other Freebies

You can find other Fall photos, graphics, and mock-ups for free on Canva, Unplash, Pexels, and Pixabey.  So let me know in the comments what you’re making for your blog, Facebook, or Instagram.

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