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Hello all, and Happy Monday! Was your weekend good? Did you do something fun?  Well, whatever it was I hope you were able to relax and enjoy yo-self.

Today I’m doing a life update of all the beautiful things happening on the blog for the Fall season; getting excited about October, and my new home search.

“Wye’s LifeCast Update”


Fall Love Archive

Check out my Fall Love Archive on everything on the blog for the Fall season!

31 Days of Halloween Archive, 2019

This is an archive of all the fun things I did last year for my 31 Days of Halloween…Enjoy!

NEW Welcome 31 days

Women’s Study Bible

Womans Study Bible

The Woman’s Study Bible is packed with special notes designed to capture the unique way that Christ cares for women, written by women. With over 100 biographical portraits of women throughout the bible, thousands of verse-by-verse study notes, and over 100 pages of topical index, concordance, and other study resources. — Source: Amazon

Bible Study Worksheet

Here is a link to my Bible Study worksheet.


With that, I’ll end this here.  I think I’ve filled you in on everything that’s current, and my LifeCast will return again in October for more updates. Thanks for hanging with me today, and as always. — Know Thyself —

Know Thyself Print

It’s been my mantra (or manifesto) at the end of every chat to say “Know Thyself”.  The phrase is not a new concept but one I’ve adapted and held near to me.  Know Thyself has many meanings to people, for me it means … know your limitations,  know who you are, know your boundaries… know thyself.  So of course I made this little piece.

Know Thyself Printable

It’s not elaborate, just the simple words on a white background. Feel free to download this 8 1/2 x 11 image for yourself.  If a quote or a few words motivate you then write it down, make it an affirmation or turn it into a printable so you can see it every day.

Chilled Vibes to Listen To

Looking for chilled mellow music to listen to while you study, work, or relax.  Check out Jazz Hope Cafe on YouTube.

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