10 Great Work and School Home Office Essentials

Hello everyone and Happy Wednesday, today I’m sharing some home office essentials that are perfect if you’re starting school virtually or still working from home.

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Home Office Space

Over the past few months, we have fine-tuned how we work, or attend classes from home.  With the Fall season approaching, and students starting virtual classes, it’s time to refresh your space with some new essentials. Here are some must-haves to make your space aesthetically pleasing as well as functional for the whole family.

10 Work and School Office Essentials

Work and School Office Essential

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Task Lamp + You always need good lighting to work, but sometimes a large light or an overhead light can be overwhelming.  This little task lamp is perfect for your desk. It’s small yet efficient and will make a great addition to your desk space.

IKEA Kallax Shelf Unit + You can get shelving systems anywhere but hands-down IKEA makes the sturdiest piece of furniture you’ll ever find.  This little cubby is an excellent option for separating school papers for different subjects.  It’s an all-around workhorse for your storage needs, and at $34.99, you can’t beat that price.

Expandable File Folders + Expandable folders are a great way to coral papers, school work, and printed materials.  You can find any color or style to match your office decor.

External Drive + No matter what you do, at some time or another you’re going to run out of space on your hard drive.  Save valuable space on your PC or laptop with an external hard drive. 1TB of space can go a long way to store photos or school work and everything in between all in one place.


Smile Jamaica Bluetooth Headphones + Headphones are a must when you’re working from home or listening to a lecture.  My daughter and I are both Teleworking and it’s essential to have a pair of headphone so we don’t disturb one another during meetings or calls.

Agenda/Planner + An agenda or planner is essential for back-to-school or starting college to help keep you on task.

Sloth Mug + We all need to stay hydrated or caffeinated when we work. So whatever mug or water bottle you choose check out Amazon, Target, or Urban Outfitters for alternatives for the entire family.


Blue Light Glasses + Blue light readers are great for kids, and adults if you spend hours looking at a PC or tablet.  I have two pairs of blue-light glasses that are readers, so if you’re looking for reading glasses check out Peepers.

Anti-Fatigue Gel Mat + If you’re going to be standing at your desk for a few hours, you’ll want an anti-fatigue gel mat.  I have one of these at work, and it feels wonderful under my feet and keeps my legs from getting tired.

IKEA Sit-Stand Desk + A sit-stand is perfect to take some of the pressure off our back by sitting all day.  Standing can increase your stamina and help strengthen your core muscles.


I hope my small list is helpful and thanks again for visiting the blog. — Peace