DIY Friday…Music Makes Art

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog.  I want to thank you for taking the time to visit my blog and I hope you consider subscribing.

As you go forth this weekend remember to be safe and be mindful.

Hello family, and happy fabulous Friday!  I hope everyone had a great week, as I know you’re looking forward to the holiday.  We can all use a bit of a break.  I’m off from work today because the holiday falls on a Saturday.

Music Makes Art

Today I’m continuing my “music week” theme and ending this week with some custom art. Monday was about “Listing the songs that give you peace“, and Wednesday I shared my “Ultimate Summer Playlist“.  All of these songs hold a special place in my memory.

Whether it was a time in my life that was difficult and these song lyrics spoke to me, or if they were taking me back to my younger days to remember when Summer was fun, music has been the soundtrack to my life.

My Inspiration

My inspiration comes from several songs, however, we don’t have the time and space to share ALL that, so I’m working with lyrics from 3 songs.

For this project, I used Photoshop so I could manipulate and juxtapose words in a unique style.

I'll Cover You Lyrics

Lyrics: I’ll Cover You, RENT Soundtrack

I’ll Cover You is one of my many favs on the RENT Soundtrack.  It’s a song about professing your love, and no matter what happens “I’ll Cover You”.

For this graphic I found a messy cursive font ( and spaced the text as justified, then I altered the spacing so the down-swoops of letters overlapped.  I also highlighted a few words because that’s what stood out to me. (LOL)

Lyrics: Seasons of Love, RENT Soundtrack

Seasons of Love (525,600 minutes) is about measuring a year in life with love.  It doesn’t get any better than that.

Since I’m very familiar with the lyrics, I decided to play with the size because I don’t need to read past a certain line. However, if you were to look it at you would really have to focus.  I made the one running lyric the “header” and changed the color so it stands out.  Then to give this some visual interest I scaled each line down 2-3 points.

Be A Lion

Lyrics: Be A Lion, The Wiz Motion Picture Soundtrack

Be a Lion is about being who you are, and owning up to it. This graphic is pretty simple with a typewriter font and the text justified and centered. The title of the song in big a bold font.  I wanted the font to overlap in hight so I adjust the sizing on this one as well.

Do you have a favorite song or quote that gets you motivated?  Print it out, write it out, or whatever you need to get motivated.

What have you made this week?  Have you cleared some clutter, painted a picture, potted a new plant, or taken any pictures.  It’s always great to get your head in a different space, which helps to relieve stress.

With that, I’ll end here.  I hope my post inspires you to make something for your home.  Thanks so much for visiting today. — Peace —

Frame background image … FreePik