Friday: Quick Leather DIYs

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Hello everyone, and Happy Friday.  It’s been a stressful week for me filled with family visits and a few appointments.  Doctors’ appointments for my Type 2 tend to give me anxiety, but overall they always go very well. 

My doctor is GREAT and he understands in this climate people with health issues tend to have higher levels. I’m just blessed that I’m doing well and I hope I can keep up the momentum with diet and exercise.  

Today’s plan was to work on a leather DIY, but the forces beyond my control won’t let me be great today. (LOL) 

I have a good size piece of brown leather, and I thought I could make a bookmark and emboss it, however, I just made bookmarks, and I don’t have Cricut’s “Embossing tool”. 

“Note that if you get a Cricut Maker you’ve bought the farm because all the accessories that you have to purchase are ridiculous.” (That rant is for another time)

I moved on to making a leather cuff, however, I don’t have fasteners or cording to complete the project.  Subsequently, I found an easy DIY for earrings.  I figured I could up-cycle a pair that I currently own, but I scrapped plan because I can’t take apart the earrings I want to up-cycle.  

I just can’t be great today…(LOL)

So I’ve placed an Amazon order totaling about $25 for earring hooks, a leather punch, and threading.  I’m challenging myself for the remainder of June and July to make everything on my list.  This will be my “Make-It With Leather Challenge”.

In the meantime, I’ve curated my to-do list of DIYs.


Leather Hooks

This project is a “must-do” because it’s so darn easy.  The linked site or idea for this came from which lists these hooks for $120 (WOW).  I have the metal hooks hanging in my closet and I currently use them for handbags and scarves.

Leather Candle Holders

This is the perfect project and you only need one tool.  I’m also sure you can improvise if you don’t have a leather hole punch.  I love this project because it gives a simple item such a warm touch.

O-Right Leather Bracelet

I’ve had my current buckle cuff for years now and it’s still beautiful, however I would love to make one, and I think this tutorial hits the mark.

Long Fringe Earrings

I love leather earrings.  They are classic yet rustic and look good on everyone 

Monogram Key Chain

This DIY makes the best gift.  You can make one for everyone in the family, and you get the satisfaction of knowing, that you made it with love.

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Thanks so much for visiting the blog today, and I hope you feel inspired to make something special.  Stay well, be safe, and have a great weekend. — Peace —

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