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Summer DIYs!

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Hello everyone, and Happy Friday.  This week has been pleasant, with the Memorial Holiday in tow.  I was also able to connect with 75% of my co-workers in my department at it seems that everything is going as well as possible.

We have been working through the best method to return to work but nothing has been set in stone, which sends my anxiety levels down and that’s always a good thing.

Today I’m sharing some Summer DIY’s that are actually in tune with Summer. Yes I know that’s a strange comment, but I wanted to curate this shortlist with DIYs that you might do at any other time (with the exception of two) but Summer.


Pineapple Strawberry Lemonade

Nothing says Summer like lemonade and yes it’s fine as is but why not add some fruit to jazz it up a bit, with fruit rosemary or mint. Get this recipe by clicking the link above to Maria’s Mixing Bowl.

Abstract Art

Another great time-killer and a great way to bring some art into your space is to create your own. Right now you can order EVERYTHING online, so there’s no excuse to create something wonderful.

Tassel Book Marks

Since we are all at home in some fashion. Everyone is catching up their reading. I’m always using the book jacket or a piece of paper as I don’t have any nice bookmarks. They all seem to get lost.

Propagating Your Plants

This is not necessarily a DIY but it’s still a great way to grow something from the plants you already have. This makes for great use indoors and out.

Painted Outdoor Rug

This is a great alternative to spending hundreds of dollars on a rug for outside, versus making something a little cheaper. You can also customize this rug, to any color or style of your choice. Great for a patio, balcony or any small outdoor space.

I hope this post of simple DIYs gives you some inspiration to create.  For more inspiration and a trip further down the rabbit hole, check out Pinterest.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and remember to stay safe. — Peace —

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