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Today I’m talking about some current home decor trends.  These trends are stylish colorful and have an organic nature, that can work with just about any type of style.

My Current Style with No Inspiration

I’ve been in my new place for two months and I’ve lost my mojo. In my previous condo it took me about 3-years to apply any type of decor or design. Even with no design elements it still felt more like home than my current residence. I can make it nice but there is still something missing.

Current Living

This is a 3D rendering of my space courtesy of the website Living Spaces.  I saw this software from one of my YouTubers, Page Danielle. It’s by far the best one I’ve seen to help map out your space if you’re looking to redecorate.

It looks neat right.  The furniture is not accurate because they don’t have exact matches but you get the idea.  Now here how it REALLY looks. Just imagine the explanations as actual “stuff”.

living angle writing

As you can see I’ve got stuff everywhere which I suppose it’s normal because I’ve only been here for 2 months.  I just have no inspiration other than to get rid of all the boxes. ?


So let’s move to a happy place. I want to share a few home design trends that have been present in many new designs. I think they are timeless, but the fickleness of people will be the way to define that.

Bold Colors


Dark bold colors are being used in a whole new way in design. Once the color of darkrooms, dens, or something out of the 70s, a black or dark-colored accent wall is a stylish feature.

I was always shown in design that darker colors make your space feel cramped, but those rules are long gone. A dark Hunter Green, or Salamander (which infuses black tones), can be just the color to make your room or space pop.


Apartment Therapy
Brooklyn Brownstone – Bathroom

black matte wall

Matte Black Wall Bedroom

Matte Wall DIning


Color-Pop Cabinets

Boring cabinets be gone! No more of your cookie-cutter white or those ugly brown cabinets.  Now kitchens have open shelving, with mixed tones and coordinating finishes.

Having a pop of color in your kitchen (or bathroom) via your cabinets is a great way to infuse your style, so you can have your white uppers, and black, green, gray, or even pink lower cabinets.  If you dream it you can have it.

Denver tudor

Studio McGee | Denver Tudor

Studio McGee

Studio McGee | Remodel

Rich Wood Naturals

Wood is not just used for rustic decor, but it’s also a design element that’s simple, clean, and minimal.  I love spaces with rich wood tones, blacks or forest greens, and geometric patterns.


Bathroom Inspiration from VIVIR Design

Raw Wood Front Door

Entry Door

Kitchen spaces

Kitchen Space

Fixtures & Finishes

New kitchen and bathroom hardware and finishes really put your brushed nickel, and standard chrome to shame.  I didn’t even know that some of these fixtures existed until about two years ago.  And who says you can’t mix your finishes to create a unique style throughout your home.

Black Matt Fixtures


Pink Sink


brass fixtures


I think designing and decorating for your home is not a sprint but a LONG race. I should be able to take my time, make mistakes, paint, and repaint. Take away elements and add elements, as my decor style changes, and that’s just not happening here.

I will however make it comfortable for the time I am here, but I’m not doing anything that would cause damage. (i.e., paint, wall hangings, or things of that nature).

I hope my post gets your design juices flowing and opens you up to endless possibilities.  For more inspiration and a trip further down the rabbit hole, check out Pinterest or Apartment Therapy.  I hope everyone has a great weekend and a great Memorial Day.  Remember to stay safe. — Peace —

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