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This week I finished a Hemingway Beanie from my favorite crochet-(er), Desiree, from SimplyHookedCrochet.  The thing about crochet is that it’s hard to actually show someone (who’s never picked up a hook) how to crochet.  I would recommend watching a few videos and starting off with something really simple to get the hang of it.


For this project…

I’m also using t-shirt yarn vs. regular wool because it’s warm outside and I don’t think wool is particularly kind to natural hair.  Thus my scarf is 100% cotton.  Any type of yarn will do but if it’s going to be against your skin it’s best to make sure the fabric isn’t scratchy.

I’ve been crocheting for years so this project took about an hour.  It’s also customizable depending on your head size, and how floppy you want your beanie.  I made mine a little to big but I’ll be making my daughter one so that will be a bit smaller.

hemingway Beanie

Things to remember for beginner crocheters are:

  • You can always take apart your work … nothing is set in stone
  • Take your time
  • Start with something simple … like a scarf
  • Practice-Practice-Practice

Finished Beanie

I’ve tried to pace myself with crafts and projects because I have a habit of starting many things at once without finishing.  Currently, every project I’ve taken on has been small, and nothing is so overwhelming that I can’t finish it.

With that, I’ll end my post today.  I hope everyone has had a great week, stay safe amongst the chaos.  Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe …  have a great weekend. — Peace —

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