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Today I’m doing a hair product review on two of TGIN’s styling products.

I haven’t done any type of product reviews in a while, and that’s because of my slow process of things.  I would try something, finish it, and then get bogged down with other things before I got around to it. But today is a new day so here we go.

My hair type is a combination curl pattern of 3c to 4b. I’ve had a difficult time making ANY type of style last for more than 2 days without it looking frizzy or bushy. 

I have the hair of my youth … I would get it done and it would look so nice and then I’d go outside, play for an hour at it would be back to frizzy. LOL … but I digress, on with the review.

TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer

TGIN Butter Cream

Butter Cream Daily uses ingredients like Shea butter, Cocoa butter, and Vitamin E oil both to target dryness at its source by moisturizing from the roots to the tips and to prevent dryness. This everyday moisturizer aims to give you consistently soft, shiny, manageable curls while nourishing your scalp.” [Source: TGIN]

The one thing I will say about this cream is that it’s really thick so my guess would be that it would leave a residue in different types of hair. My daughter has 4b-4c type hair and she can’t use it.

I’ve found that when I use it I have to make sure my hair is damp and that I comb it through to the ends. If I don’t do that I will see a bit of residue. I love that this product is thick, and it makes my hair really soft.

It also smells fantastic, and although I don’t use it every day, I will use it on wash-day, and then again mid-week.

TGIN Honey Curls Custard

TGIN Honey Custard

Honey Curls Custard is infused with raw honey and agave nectar, this shine-enhancing curl custard provides a firm frizz-free long-lasting hold for high curl definition while helping restore moisture to the hair. “ [Source | TGIN]

This by far is my favorite styler.  I will use this after I shampoo and condition.  It works best applied to damp hair.  I will work this through my hair, then apply a little moisturizer, comb through and then I can flat twist or rod my hair.

My curls are always soft, there’s no crunch, and it leaves me with no residue. I have low porosity hair so finding products that work can be a little challenging, but there are more products available now that cater to my hair type

According to TGIN it’s ideal for :

  • 4c, thick, tightly coiled, coarse, low porosity hair
  • Can be used on wet or dry hair
  • Great for twist-outs, braid-outs, rod sets, and wash-n-gos
  • Provides  a firm frizz-free long-lasting hold for high curl definition 
  • Maintains style in extreme weather conditions
  • Promotes high shine and restores  moisture to dry hair

TGIN products are available directly from their website, at Target, or ULTA.   I’m interested in the majority of their hair-care line but especially the leave-in conditioners, stylers, and shampoos.

I hope my review is helpful if you’re looking for some new products to add to your natural hair-care arsenal.  Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, I appreciate all love. — Peace —

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