Friday: Let’s Do It Again

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Updates This Week

It’s been a quiet and sad week as there have been ups, downs, highs, and lows, but I’m managing as best I can.  My goals are to be happy, but there are times when happiness is just a little out of reach. That’s usually the best time to unplug and spend time with myself, doing things for myself.  Self-love is in this climate is number one.

Today I’m doing it again meaning I’m RE-posting a collection of modern-farmhouse DIYs to help fill your weekend while adding a little style to your home or space. But first … here’s a recap of my week.

See … What had happened was…


[1] Finally made a project on my Cricut Maker. The first test is a Mother’s day card but I wasted 3 cards making this one.  

[2] Pancakes for the week. I try to meal-prep but I epically fail so I will just make one or two things to carry us through the week.

[3] Starting a new corded scarf.  My vendor is closing her shop, so she offered me a deal on 3 of these.

[4] My first Home Chef meal, which turned out great.  I ordered for 4-people so we would have leftovers. We had enough for 2 meals each plus one lunch.  If you want to try out Home Fresh check out the link and get $35 off your first order … https://www.homechef.com

Modern Farmhouse DIYs

The modern farmhouse style is my current obsession.  A modern farm style is less rustic with touches of mid-century modern. It uses the traditional style of crisp whites, wood tones, and soft leathers.  You will also find lots of greenery and macrame throughout with black accents and tribal prints.

If you want to add this look to your home or space check out these DIYs!

1. Macrame Wall Art + City Farm House
2. Hairpin Bench + Grillo Designs
3. Mudcloth Pillow + Crazy Wonderful
4. Macrame Plant Holder + Lia Griffith
5. Photo Display + The Merry Thought
6. Rustic Leather Handle Tray + Southern Revivals

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Get $35 off your first order with Home Chef … https://www.homechef.com

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