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Hello everyone, and good afternoon. This post comes much later, as I had some adulting to do this morning.  I hope everyone is well and you’re staying safe.  I know it’s hard to stay focused on goals, plans, and upcoming projects, but we will get through this.

NO DIY’s Today

I don’t have a DIY or UP-cycle to share today as my craft supplies are dwindling.  I am awaiting more, and my Cricut machine came in this week so I’m excited to start self-teaching myself all the ways I can create and do more crafts.

This week I posted about my diorama build, but what’s a build without plans.  So last night I took some measurements with my dolls, space, and what would work best.  I came up with this spec.

It’s a work in progress right now, and my main concern is cutting out the windows after I have the hardware store cut my wood.

House Spec … First Draft

Diorama spec 01

It’s a really simple plan because this is my first build and I don’t want to take on anything that really complicated.  I figure this will be the first of a few houses.  (See this is why I need a garage somewhere, so I can really dive into my hobby…LOL)

Outside Color Palette

This is where I get to have some fun…not that the whole project isn’t fun but I get to experiment, with a style that I like, but in miniature.

I want a mix of classic neutral tones and windows with no panes.  A combination of mid-century, that’s modern, with a touch of farmhouse. I’ve only come up with a few so far because right now I’m focused on the plan


 Cracked Pepper Paint by Behr

Cedar Shingles

Secluded woods by Behr

 Black Ship Lap

I know that I’m all over the place with the samples but I have plenty of time to sort my thoughts and decide what I want.  I can’t get to the hardware store for some time but I might build a smaller model from foam core (which I have on hand) before I commit to cutting actual wood.

With that, I’ll end my post today.  I hope everyone has had a great week. Remember to stay safe amongst the chaos.  Don’t forget to like, comment, and subscribe …  have a great weekend. — Peace —

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