Happy January Friday … Post Ornament DIY

Hello friends and welcome to the blog today.

This is my first Friday blogging in some time.  I took a break from Friday blogging because it was just too stressful, but I always got good feedback on Friday’s so I’m gonna try this thing again. (LOL).

Today I’m posting my first DIY of the year.  Even though, it’s very late because technically it’s a Christmas DIY.  Hey … I’ve got to work with what I have … in the time that I have to do it in (LOL).

I decided pretty early on that I would change up my holiday theme for 2020 and my colors are going to be black, white and soft pink.  This week I proceed to make some custom ornaments.  This DIY wasn’t without technical difficulties, but here we go.

DIY Ornaments


  1. Clear plastic bulbs
  2. Paint
  3. Ribbon
  4. Brushes
  5. Condiment Cups

I first saw this DIY on (Just Destiny Mag Blog) and I though … WOW that’s a great way to customize your colors, and I can’t wait to try this.


  • Took the tops off the bulbs, and for the marbled bulbs, I drizzled paint (pink for one and white for the other) inside the bulb.  I waited about 30 minutes (so the paint was semi-dry)
  • Then I poured in the black paint, then shook the bulb until I couldn’t see any more of the clear bulb
  • After I turned the bulb upside down into a condiment cup to let the paint run out and dry
  • This actually took about two days
  • After that I added some pretty ribbon and then it was done

The one thing about this DIY is that it takes the paint a long time to run out of the bulb especially if you used too much (like me).  I know that if I decide to do this again it’s best to add a little water to your acrylic paint so it’s a little runny.


This will allow the paint to spread more consistently and this should cut your drying time in half.  This DIY came at a great time, because I’m in the process of purging, storing, and organizing all of my Christmas ornaments.  It also takes the stress of trying to get everything ready before the holiday.


With that, I’ll end my post today.  Thanks so much for visiting the blog, and I hope you continue to hang with me.  If you haven’t please consider subscribing to my blog, and if you’ve already subscribed thanks for coming back.  — Peace (and) Have a great weekend!–

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