Monday Recap

Hello Friends! and Welcome to the blog.

I know … it’s Monday and what a drag. Monday is usually my Telework day, but I’m braving the outside world to prepare for our Annual Meeting at work.

Words cannot express how much I want to sleep and just stay under the covers but there are some things that are unavoidable.

I know that Monday is a new day for my blog, but my Sundays have been jammed-packed with no time to record or even think about typing. I will get back to my normal routine soon but this schedule seems to work for the holiday season.

Let’s Catch Up

  • The last time I talked about what’s going on was November 27th, and can you believe that we are already entering the 2nd week of December. Christmas will be here before you know it, and I feel like I’ve had no time to really enjoy it. It’s just been go-go-go … shop for gifts, plan holiday dinner, get ready for the end of the year meetings at work and just … all the things.
  • I’m still shopping for my family which I hoped to have wrapped up this weekend, and I haven’t sent out my Christmas cards, which means a visit to the post office for some holiday stamps.
  • I’m ready to slow all the way down and just relax. I feel so behind on everything and I still have taken any pictures of my Black Friday haul or Christmas decor, so I’m gonna bring you the abridged version. (lol) Hopefully (fingers crossed for good light) I can give you a mini tour within the next week.
  • On Black Friday (I’m pretty sure I mentioned this in my post on the 27th) we hauled 2 TV’s. My living room TV was near death so I retired it, and since I couldn’t use that for my bedroom (which was the plan), my daughter surprised me with a new TV … (it’s awesome!)

Black Friday Tag

This haul also included…

A  Teapot
Refrigerator Liners
3 baking/serving Dishes
Intimates & Pajamas
Scarf & shades
Backpack/carry bag
3 garlands & 4 mini trees
Christmas ornaments
Winter scented candles
Pantry Items
Specialty Teas
…and a 2020 Planner for the blog.

Christmas always excites me, around this time a year there’s always a special buzz in the air. Houses are adorned with beautiful colored lights, and decorations, the air is crisp and cold, and it always smells like it’s about to snow.  It warms my heart, because it’s not always gifts but about blessings. I always thank God for the blessing of abundance in my life and means to take care of my family and loved ones.

12 Days of Christmas

12-Days of Christmas_PageHead

December 10th kicks of my 12 Days of Christmas series.  In this series I’m going to share my favorite holiday tunes, decorations, food, and gift ideas.  Let me help you take the stress out your holiday with some fun an easy ideas to cruise through the season.

Update … Laws Of Attraction Series

I haven’t completely dropped the ball but I have stopped this series temporarily due to several factor.  I know I’m magic but I can’t do everything … LOL.  So I’ll continue this series in 2020.  If you want to get caught up —> click on the header.


With that I’ll close my Monday … Catch-Up!  Thanks so much for hanging with me today.  Don’t forget to “Pin”, “Comment”, “Like”, or “Subscribe” for more great content from Life By Wyetha. — Peace —

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