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Sunday Chit-Chat

Hello everyone and happy sanctified Sunday!  I’m on list #39 of the 52 List for Happiness journal, and I’ve listed the topics I’m discussing today.

Sunday Topics

  • Ritual Multivitamins Mini-Review … hair, skin, sleep, energy
  • Penzu Journaling and dealing with Family
  • What Summer means to me and summer blogging

52 List for Happiness

52List_graphic [1] Teleworking, [2] Exercise, [3] Meditation, [4] Holiday Weekend, and [5] Having a glass of wine

TAKE ACTION: Review this list at the end of the week, and using the blank pages in the back of this journal, make a second list describing what moments were actually your happiest.  What surprised you in exceeding or changing your expectations of happiness.

List #39 Outlook

In this short list, there were no surprises, because this list isn’t just the things that I hoped would bring me joy.  These are things that know bring me joy because I’m already implementing them within my life.  I’ve gotten pretty good at knowing how my brain will receive certain tasks.

I’m still finding surprises in what I like and dislike, but I don’t expect blood from a turnip … so to speak.  I don’t do certain tasks expecting to find joy in them, and maybe that’s my problem.  If your brain has been trained to dislike something, then your not going to find joy in it. You’re going to set about that task with disdain.

List #39 wants you to hope for joy in everything you do because hoping is asking.  Asking is receiving.  QUOTE // Ask for what you want and expect to receive it .. Maya Angelou. I’m still learning what makes me happy, and what gives me anxiety, sadness, and frustration.  It’s a dark tunnel that we navigate every day, but with practice, we learn to do better, and in doing so we see the light at the end of that tunnel.

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