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Sunday Chit-Chat

Happy Sunday Everyone!  I’m picking up my 52 List for Happiness where I left off a few weeks ago, but I’m also discussing a few topics today.

Sunday Topics

  • Manners
  • You Can Dream at 50
  • Finding your niche

52 List for Happiness


[1] Going shopping [2] Talking to a friend [3] Planning a movie binge w/”B” [4] Daydreaming about fall [5] New home plans [6] Eating at a new restaurant [7] Paying off a bill [8] Road trip [9] Thinking about next day [10] First glass of wine on a hot summer evening

TAKE ACTION: This is your cheat sheet of ways for you to get positive energy going if you are feeling low and need to get things done! Next time you’re feeling low, take a look at this list and take action with one of your favorite positive energy tricks!

  • Woodworking
  • Decor & Design
  • History
  • Writing a memoir
  • Gardening

TAKE ACTION: A discovery starts with first asking questions and allowing yourself to be curious. Pick one of these interests and allow your curiosity to lead you to new discoveries.

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