OMG Friday!

Hello Hello … and OMG Friday! When you grind all week the weekends are like a cool breeze on a hot day. Let’s face it … waking up at 6:30am to shuffle onto public transportation, to get to work, and stare at a screen for 6-8 hours then only to come home, rush through the evening to do it all again. That’s grinding, and Friday is the 2-3 day reward of doing you and sharing time with family. We all live for Friday’s right…

This week has been better, every day gets a little lighter as we’ve accepted that our fur baby is gone, but not forgotten. I brought his ashed home on Tuesday and it was hard and emotional but it gives me a little comfort. This week has also brought many with my site since I switched to self-hosting… and that’s a story that I won’t share now but just know that I’m still dealing with all the things that people don’t tell you about. Oh well … enough of my chatter, here is my week in pictures.


[1] “B” and I are working on this 1000 piece puzzle and the theme is “The 80s“, it really works the other side of your brain, but it’s also been really therapeutic for us [2] “In Loving Memory … Maximus” my boy’s little box.  It really put things into perspective [3] I’ve been working turn my 30-day Challenge into a worksheet [4] Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day and being in this field for over 25 year means I get a few gifts on the day, the bag is from my job along with a few other goodies, and the book “The Misadventures of Awkward Black Girl by Issa Rae is from “B” … she always takes care of me, and [5] I’m two weeks into a 21-Day Challenge with Ritual.  Check out my last post on Ritual Multivitamins for Women, and get your first month free.

Speaking on my 30-Day Challenge I created a worksheet on Canva which is still in the draft stages, but it’s nice to finally have this completed.  I’m also working on updating my Stress Worksheet as well as a few other things.  I want to create a whole self-help series, which I hope will be helpful.  I’m hoping to have it completed next week so I can post it with my 30-Day Challenge for May and have it ready for download.

30-Day Challenge Worksheet

I mentioned that I’ve been spending some quality time with this website as of late, while I work through the bugs and issues with self-hosting.  It makes it that much harder because I don’t have a dedicated office or space or desk like I used to.  Not just for aesthetic purposes, but if I’m sitting and upright I’m way more productive.   Since I’ve been looking at creating a small nook I’ve found some great DIYs for your office, cubicle or wherever you plant yourself to work.


1. Gold Foil Notebooks + Lovely Indeed
2. Display Shelf + The Lovely Drawer
3. Gold Mouse Pad + Homeyohmy
4. Bulletin Board + A Beautiful Mess
5. Hexagon Organizers + The Beauty DoJo
6. Block Calendar + HolaSara

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, I hope you have a happy Friday and a fantastic weekend.  Don’t forget to “like”, “comment”, and “subscribe”.  -Peace-

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