“F” is for Friday!

Happy TGIF … Happy “feel good” Friday!  Did you have a great week?  I hope you did. However, if you suffer from allergies then we can suffer together, in silence. I’ve had some miserable nights with a sore … scratchy throat, and puffy eyes which is making me miserable, and it was only really warm for two days. I know this spring is gonna be miserable … for my head that is.

This has been a relatively good week.  Although I was busy with meetings, I had time to get all my exercise in, I’ve been taking some pictures, and I’ve been able to produce a DIY…I mean what could be better … right?  Ok, enough talking here is my week in pictures.


[1] Items from my DIY … I actually used these books to help press down the paper. [2] I didn’t grocery shop this week but it pays to have items in the pantry, I literally threw together this spinach pasta and a small glass of Port … of course. [3] “New Shoes” I tried on 7 pairs of shoes this week at DSW trying to find something comfortable to commute it … I think I have a winner.  [4] Snipped of my DIY this week. [5] My side photo shoot for my Sunday post.  I went all out on this one.

Here is my quick DIY this week…

Decopodge Door Letter

header diy.jpg

In my condo, all the doors are the same, and once in the hallway, you can’t tell one room from the next.  Now I know that we don’t need our initials on the door but it’s a cute way to spice up a boring door, especially when you can’t do anything else to it. This is also a great craft for kids to personalize their space or to spell our a special phrase.

All you need is:


  • Wooden letters [Micheals, AC Moore or any craft store]
  • Scrapbook or wrapping paper [I used what I had on hand]
  • Pencil
  • Modpodge
  • Scissors
  • Razor tool


1. Lay your letter on the opposite side of your craft paper to trace it.
2. Cute your letter shape as close to your line as possible to avoid overhang or being too small.

diy13. Then flip your letter over, and glue down your paper with mod podge. Since the glue dries really fast you’ll want to work in sections, and that’s it.


You can also mix this up with gold foil or glitter, and use the glue as a barrier over your work, or faux greenery, flowers, or create a design. This project took about an hour because I did two letters and I kept stopping. I think they came out really well.

And since Spring is just around the corner, I’ve gathered some cute Spring DIYs for a weekend project to get you all ready for the season.  These DIYs can add some style to your home or office, and you can customize them to the colors and styles that you like for the season.



1. Mud Cloth Inspired Eggs + Alice & Lois
2. Hoop Wreath + Craftaholics Anonymous
3. Monstera Leaf Napkins + Sarah Hearts
4. Modern Inspired Eggs + Happy Grey Lucky
5. Modern Paint Plant Pots + Homedit
6. Modern Hoop Wreath + Lemon Thistle

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today … I hope you had a great week and an even better weekend.  Don’t forget to “like”, “comment”, and “subscribe” or “follow”.  – Peace –

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