Hello Weekend!

Hello friends … Happy fearless Friday! … and hello weekend … where have you been,  I’ve missed you. I have absolutely nothing on the agenda this weekend. I do have an art project for my wall, and I’ve been sitting on that since January, so maybe I should get moving. I always have grandiose plans to work on a project(s) over the weekend, and then I start cleaning, I get tired, and after that, all I wanna do is lay around. I want that boost of energy so hopefully, it will come to me.

It’s been a beautiful [although gloomy] week, and the best part is that there were no meetings [whoo-hoo … doing a happy dance]. Here is my week in pictures …


[1] Have you tried activated charcoal toothpaste? I have a tube at home and work, and I’ll be happy to review both products [2] Time to update this quote for my entryway, because I think we’re a bit past New Years [3] I bring my journal to work with the intention to write in it but that never happens [4] I just got these beautiful photography backdrops from Skye Knits for Babies on Etsy and they are the best quality … better than anything at the craft store [5] I just rounded up all my food photography dishes and backdrops … I didn’t realize I was hoarding so many cool items … now all I need is some natural light. [images | Wyetha]

The one thing that’s never on my weekend DIY’s post is clothing.  I do know how to sew a simple stitch [I made my dining room curtains several years ago, and from a distance, you can’t see where I messed up], but my sewing machine skills aren’t great.  I know that you don’t need to know how to sew for most DIYs but clothing was another story.  I’ve found some great “no-sew” clothing DIYs, that won’t take a hit to your wallet, but are also easy to accomplish in a weekend.


1. Lace-Up Sweatshirt + A Beautiful Mess
2. Infinity Scarf + Design Sponge
3. No Sew Canvas Tote + Homey Oh My
4. Blanket Cape + A Pair & A Spare
5. Chanel Inspired Top + Envato Tuts

Thanks so much for visiting my blog today, don’t forget to “like”, “comment”, and “follow”.  Have a great weekend, and be blessed. — Peace —

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