30-Day Challenge

February 30-Day Challenge

Hello friends and happy Wonderful Wednesday.  I’m back with an update on my January 30-day challenge and my new challenge for February.

January’s Challenge Updates

No take-out of any kind – this only started to get difficult towards the home stretch [or end of the month], because … your cooking [literally] all the time.  There are sometimes where you just want to let someone else do the cooking because you may have a craving for something different.  My daughter who did this challenge with me says that she can’t wait until January 31st, because she’s ordering a really good burger.

For me, this was a test to see if my body would react differently to all home cooked meals and well … there’s been absolutely no change.  The one good thing is that when you cook your own food you control the ingredients, but I could have eaten some CAVA or an artisanal burger, and my body still would have felt the same, well … there are those calories.  CONTINUE THIS CHALLENGE | Yes with modifications.

No Starbucks – This is was actually easy, and I know I’ve saved at least $65 this month on beverages and breakfast food. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait for my glucose test in March to find out how this impacts my levels.  CONTINUE THIS CHALLENGE | Yes.

No Soda or Juice – Now here is where it gets hard.  I have no issues staying away from soda but the juice … I struggle.  All I want is a glass of pomegranate juice or some apple mint lemonade, but it’s still sugar, or more importantly … high-fructose corn syrup.  If I allow myself two 4 oz. glasses a month of something without that ingredient, then maybe I can curb that craving.  CONTINUE THIS CHALLENGE | Yes with modifications.

Yoga 3-times a week – For this challenge, I had to up my game.  I was doing yoga about one or two times per week but in order to see any type of benefit I knew I needed to do more, so I’m sticking to it.  This is the one thing on my challenge where I [actually] see results.  I’m more flexible, and I’m not so concerned about my joints anymore.  I still have some tightness but I keep working through it, and I don’t have as much difficulty holding the poses because my core is getting a little stronger. CONTINUE THIS CHALLENGE | Yes!

I’m actually happy about this small list because at least I’ve taken away one thing that I know I’m sticking to, and that’s all that matters. Over time I will build onto this list, and these are the habits and practices that I can adapt to for long haul.

Here is my February 30-Day Challenge …



  • No Starbucks (from Jan)
  • No soda or juice (modified)
  • Yoga 3-times a week (from Jan)
  • No eating after 10pm
  • 7K Steps 5-days a week
  • Save $100 dollars
  • Min 7 hours of sleep on week-nights

Are you tired of making resolutions that don’t stick? Try a 30-day challenge with me, and share some goals that you would like to achieve.

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  1. I love these types of challenges! I like how you continued a few over into February – 7 hr sleeps on weeknights would be a huge challenge for me but I think I’ll have to give it a try!

    1. I’m really bad at getting to bed by a certain time, I end up on my laptop which is a no-no, so now by 10:30pm all the electronics will be powered down, so I have nothing interrupting my sleep.

  2. This is a great post! You have very achievable goals set for yourself. As a yoga teacher I am happy to see that you have yoga as one of your goals to do 3x a week!! Keep us posted on how you do!! Looking forward to hearing about your progress! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much … yoga has been the one constant that has helped over the years. When I had my knee surgery it was yoga that worked, when my back is bothering me it’s yoga … so yes I’ll keep you updated.

    2. Love your site and the message … I’m subscribed!

  3. Yea, you’re doing good. And you’ve inspired me to take on this same challenge. This has helped me to focus on my goals more closely without feeling overwhelmed. Modification is key! 👍🏼

  4. This is so awesome! I love how you’re sticking to the challenge because it takes a lot to stop yourself from shopping :/ I know I had a hard time shopping for drinks and food hehe
    Thanks for sharing!
    — Kiki | soyvirgo.com

    1. Thanks for your comment.

  5. This is amazing! I love how you decided to try out 30 day challenges! Keep up the great, and I love the idea that you are carrying some of them over into February. I feel like when its 30 days it feels more attainable than saying you are going to give something up for year. This month I decided to give up soda and so far I am doing good. It was hard at first but now I don’t even crave it anymore.

    1. That’s wonderful … feel free to repost this if you feel it’s helpful … “The Fire is Catching” [lol]

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