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February 30-Day Challenge

Hello friends and happy Wonderful Wednesday.  I’m back with an update on my January 30-day challenge and my new challenge for February.

January’s Challenge Updates

No take-out of any kind – this only started to get difficult towards the home stretch [or end of the month], because … your cooking [literally] all the time.  There are sometimes where you just want to let someone else do the cooking because you may have a craving for something different.  My daughter who did this challenge with me says that she can’t wait until January 31st, because she’s ordering a really good burger.

For me, this was a test to see if my body would react differently to all home cooked meals and well … there’s been absolutely no change.  The one good thing is that when you cook your own food you control the ingredients, but I could have eaten some CAVA or an artisanal burger, and my body still would have felt the same, well … there are those calories.  CONTINUE THIS CHALLENGE | Yes with modifications.

No Starbucks – This is was actually easy, and I know I’ve saved at least $65 this month on beverages and breakfast food. Unfortunately, I’ll have to wait for my glucose test in March to find out how this impacts my levels.  CONTINUE THIS CHALLENGE | Yes.

No Soda or Juice – Now here is where it gets hard.  I have no issues staying away from soda but the juice … I struggle.  All I want is a glass of pomegranate juice or some apple mint lemonade, but it’s still sugar, or more importantly … high-fructose corn syrup.  If I allow myself two 4 oz. glasses a month of something without that ingredient, then maybe I can curb that craving.  CONTINUE THIS CHALLENGE | Yes with modifications.

Yoga 3-times a week – For this challenge, I had to up my game.  I was doing yoga about one or two times per week but in order to see any type of benefit I knew I needed to do more, so I’m sticking to it.  This is the one thing on my challenge where I [actually] see results.  I’m more flexible, and I’m not so concerned about my joints anymore.  I still have some tightness but I keep working through it, and I don’t have as much difficulty holding the poses because my core is getting a little stronger. CONTINUE THIS CHALLENGE | Yes!

I’m actually happy about this small list because at least I’ve taken away one thing that I know I’m sticking to, and that’s all that matters. Over time I will build onto this list, and these are the habits and practices that I can adapt to for long haul.

Here is my February 30-Day Challenge …



  • No Starbucks (from Jan)
  • No soda or juice (modified)
  • Yoga 3-times a week (from Jan)
  • No eating after 10pm
  • 7K Steps 5-days a week
  • Save $100 dollars
  • Min 7 hours of sleep on week-nights

Are you tired of making resolutions that don’t stick? Try a 30-day challenge with me, and share some goals that you would like to achieve.

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13 thoughts on “February 30-Day Challenge

  1. I love these types of challenges! I like how you continued a few over into February – 7 hr sleeps on weeknights would be a huge challenge for me but I think I’ll have to give it a try!

    1. I’m really bad at getting to bed by a certain time, I end up on my laptop which is a no-no, so now by 10:30pm all the electronics will be powered down, so I have nothing interrupting my sleep.

  2. This is a great post! You have very achievable goals set for yourself. As a yoga teacher I am happy to see that you have yoga as one of your goals to do 3x a week!! Keep us posted on how you do!! Looking forward to hearing about your progress! 🙂

    1. Thanks so much … yoga has been the one constant that has helped over the years. When I had my knee surgery it was yoga that worked, when my back is bothering me it’s yoga … so yes I’ll keep you updated.

  3. Yea, you’re doing good. And you’ve inspired me to take on this same challenge. This has helped me to focus on my goals more closely without feeling overwhelmed. Modification is key! ??

  4. This is so awesome! I love how you’re sticking to the challenge because it takes a lot to stop yourself from shopping :/ I know I had a hard time shopping for drinks and food hehe
    Thanks for sharing!
    — Kiki |

  5. This is amazing! I love how you decided to try out 30 day challenges! Keep up the great, and I love the idea that you are carrying some of them over into February. I feel like when its 30 days it feels more attainable than saying you are going to give something up for year. This month I decided to give up soda and so far I am doing good. It was hard at first but now I don’t even crave it anymore.

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