Damn Friday!

I’ve never been so happy to see the end of a week … really, and it’s been a short week, so I’m just being greedy.  Lately, I’ve had a hard time trying to stay above water [so-to-speak] because I feel like I have a thousand things going on, and never enough hours in the day to get it done … but I guess we all feel like that sometimes.

I’m excited for the goals I’ve set in 2019 and I’ve completed my list of books “to read” [or that I want to read] for my 2019 Good Reads Challenge, and I’m just beginning my first book called “The Other”.  Two of my favorite shows are back on TV this week and I’m excited about Home Town and The Magicians. Other than that my week has been filled with meetings, cleaning, and cat poop … ain’t life grand. Here’s a quick recap.


[Circle 1] From my accessory doll shoot[1] I’m proud of myself for sticking with my 30-Day challenge.  The app I’m using is called 7M Woman [Circle 2] Saya … is my ball jointed doll, and this pic from a photoshoot I did for my diorama in 2016. I’m really trying to clear out my pictures, but it’s difficult … photographers don’t like to delete pictures, because there can be a whole new angle that you missed [3] More found footage … I’m in love with flatlays, so every week I would push myself to create a one but it does take some planning [4] From my self-portrait shoot for my 51 Things at 50 post and [5] My dolly’s living space, I made coffee table books.

January is usually the time when I feel the need to clear more than usual because I know that I’ve either feel out of love with it, or I’m just not using it. Since I was gifted a beautiful entryway table, I’ve really been trying to streamline this small space.  I love entryways, it’s the first thing you see when you enter a home, and it’s the real command station of any home. Here are a few DIY’s to spruce up your entryway.


1. Charging Station + Martha Stewart
2. Tray Photo + BGH
3. Rope Basket + Alice and Lois
4. Wine Cork Boot Tray + Earnest Home Co
5. Entryway Shelf w/Hooks + Anika’s DIY Life

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