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That’s a Wrap! Time To Unpack the Month of June on the Blog

Hello friends, and welcome or welcome back to the blog!

Quote for today
“My time is incredibly expensive.” — The Good Trade

Hello, beautiful people, and welcome back to the blog.  I know it’s foreshadowing, but I touched on sticky, muggy, yucky weather last month. Who knew it would reach the extent of heat-related strokes?  So I’m just sayin’, family, remember to stay hydrated; by the time you feel the effects, it’s already too late. Get plenty of rest in this slow-down summer, and treat your body well.

June has not been without its struggles, and it’s up and down, but that’s a part of life …right?  I’m taking some much-needed time off soon, and my body needs the rest.

***June posts!***

Here is a compilation of June.  Click on the image to link to the post.

Shopping This Month

I know how important it is to save money and not waste it on things you don’t need, but I was in need.  What’s my need?  I had a family (all-white) event (why) to attend, and I don’t own white pants because that would be a waste for me.  But I also picked up a few other things, and it was nice to spend a little money on myself and not my home or bills for a change.

Here’s what I hauled …

Burnt Sugar Hair Pomade (recommended by my stylist)
Honey Hemp Shampoo & Conditioner
Phlur, Somebody Wood Parfum (It smells like Autumn)
The Inky List Serum
Everlane, Organic Kick Flare Pant
Everlane, Bi-Stretch Utility Pant
Everlane, Way High Jean
Opal & Fern, Journaling Stickers (Fleur d’oranger, Meet me in Edinburgh, Old Book Store, Oat Milk Latte …I already have five more sets in a shopping cart)
I’m In My Feminist Rage Era T-Shirt, Etsy
Pillow Covers, Amazon

I took a quick weekend trip to see family (yes, what I had to get those white pants for👖…LOL), and while the event was in Norwalk, CT, we stayed in Fairfield, CT.  My daughter and I found this fantastic record shop. What better way to spend a Saturday than sipping on a chocolate shake, enjoying the mild temps, and flipping through records …now that’s my ideal day.  🦄 Shout out to Vinyl Street Cafe for making us feel welcome. The owners know everything when it comes to music.  They will also play anything you want to try in the store if it’s open. I got a good deal because as I was adding these links, these prices were insane.  All of my vinyls are used, and only one costs $20.

What I got was …

A Kiss in the Dream House, Siouxsie & The Banshees
Suddenly, Billy Ocean
Private Dancer, Tina Turner
Cannonball Adderly, Phenix
Stanley Clarke & George Duke, Vol. 3

Movies and documentaries I watched in June

I can’t remember anything I watched this month besides old horror movies on Tubi, lots of Sherlock Holmes, a few Tiny Desk Concerts from NPR, and (maybe) a documentary.

I Am Paul Walker (I love this man…gone too soon)

June book haul

The retail therapy continues, and what’s a month without getting a few books?

The Middle of the Night, Riley Sager
The Afterparty, AC Author
Horror Movie, Paul Tremblay
Sadie, Courtney Summers

June reading

Here’s what I’ve read and the link for my 2024 Good Reads Challenge partial list.

My Heart is a Chainsaw, Stephen Graham Jones
Mary, An Awakening of Terror, Nat Cassidy



Home is Where The Bodies Are, Jenecva Rose (review)


Pending ARCs!

Here are the latest pending titles.

Here Lies a Vengeful Bitch, Codie Crowley
A Grim Reapers Guide to Catching a Killer, Maxie Dara
Cleaver Little Thing, Helena Echlin
The Book of Witching, C. J. Cole
Killer House Party, Lily Anderson
Ghost Camera, Darcy Coates
Dead Girls Don’t Dream, Nino Cipri

APPROVED: Sleep Tight, J.H. Markert
APPROVED: The Hitchcock Hotel, Stephanie Wrobel
APPROVED: William, Mason Cole
READING/APPROVED: Antenora, Dori Lumpkin
READ/REVIEWED: Suk-U-Bus, S.C. Mendes & Nikki Noir
READ/REVIEWED: Houses of the Unholy, Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips

READ/REVIEWED: The Eleven by Kyle Rustkin
READ/REVIEWED: I Need You To Read This, Jessa Maxwell
READ/REVIEWED: Home is Where The Bodies Are, Jeneva Rose (This book has been published, and I’m still listed as pending, but I read it from the library)

 July & August Calendars!

You can find all my calendars as well as all of the printables used on the blog.

Season 3 is Live!

May’s posts for Season 3.

Episode #10, 10 Titles I’ve Added to my TBR List
Episode #11, Suck-U-Bus
Episode #12, Home is Where The Bodies Are


Well, Friends, I think I’ve covered all my June happenings. Thank you for stopping by today, many thanks and blessings to my homies for supporting this blog.  It means the world to me Don’t forget to follow and subscribe to my little piece of happiness. — Peace