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Ten Horror Novels I’ve Added to My TBR List!

What’s up, “fam”..Welcome back to the blog.

“If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” — Friedrich Nietzsche

Hello friends, and how are you? I hope you’re doing well, getting plenty of rest, staying hydrated, focusing on your mental health, and giving yourself grace.

I know I’ve been absent for a beat, but I took a weekend trip to Fairfield and Norwalk, CT, to see family, and it was a nice reprieve.  Traffic was terrible passing through MD and NYC, which is expected for a Friday because everyone is trying to get out of dodge (so to speak).  It was nice to take some time and have a change of scenery.  I found a cool record shop, a great deli, and a delicious shake from a local shop.  I wish I had more time, but reality beckons.

But enough about my break today is about my (ever-growing) TBR list and all the titles I’ve added.  If you’ve been following along, you know I love thrillers and mystery, but horror novels are my happy place.  I know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but for me, there’s nothing like tucking into a real horror novel. When I first read F. Paul Wilson’s book (Reborn), I couldn’t read it after 10 pm, and I loved every bit of it.

These titles are likely going on my 2025 Good Reads Challenge because I can’t read them fast enough before adding 20 more.  So here’s my list of the last ten horror novels I’ve added to my TBR list.  (And by the time this post goes live, I’ve probably added ten more. LOL) 📖 🤓 📚‍💻


The Angel of Indian Lake by Stephen Graham Jones (Horror, Thriller, Mystery)

The Indian Lake Trilogy #3

It’s been four years since Jade Daniels last set foot in Proofrock, Idaho. Since then, her reputation, and everything around Indian Lake, has changed dramatically. There’s a lot of unfinished business in Proofrock, from serial killer cultists to the rich trying to buy Western authenticity. But there’s one aspect of the savage history of Proofrock, Idaho; no one’s got the mettle to confront – no one except a final girl, making her last stand, this time for everything.


The Reformatory, Tananarive Due (Horror, Historical Fiction)

Gracetown, Florida (June 1950)

Twelve-year-old Robbie Stephens, Jr., is sentenced to six months at the Gracetown School for Boys, a reformatory, for kicking the son of the largest landowner in town in defense of his older sister, Gloria. So begins Robbie’s journey further into the terrors of the Jim Crow South and the very real horror of the school they call The Reformatory.



Murder Road, Simone St. James (Horror, Mystery, Thriller)

July 1995. April and Eddie have taken a wrong turn. They’re looking for the small resort town where they plan to spend their honeymoon. When they spot what appears to be a lone hitchhiker along the deserted road, they stop to help. But not long after the hitchhiker gets into their car, they see the blood seeping from her jacket and a truck barreling down Atticus Line after them.


So Witches We Became, Jill Baguchinsky (Horror, YA, Fantasy)

This title will be released on July 23, 2024

For high school senior Nell and her friends, a vacation house on a private Florida island sounds like the makings of a dream spring break. But Nell brings secrets with her—secrets that fuse with the island’s tragic history, trapping them all with a curse surrounding the island in a toxic, vengeful mist and the surrounding waters with an unseen, devouring beast.



Witchcraft for Wayward Girls by Grady Hendrix (Horror, Witches, Fantasy)

This title will be released on January 16, 2025

Set in Florida in 1970, Grady Hendrix’s newest novel follows a group of young women in a home for unwed mothers who find a guide to witchcraft.


The Haunting of Whitehall Manor, L.V. Piers (Horror, Mystery)

Thirty-three-year-old Anne Towry is a woman who knows little about herself and even less about her family. Sent away from Whitehall Manor when she was only ten years old, Anne struggles to make sense of her life. When she receives an urgent phone call from a Dr. Cornish informing her that her mother, Seraphine, has gone missing, Anne returns to her childhood home in an attempt to figure out what went wrong.



Mine by L. M. Kaplin (Horror, Thriller)

Chandler Henricks hates his life. A socially awkward and near shut-in, Chandler spends his time caring for his ailing mother and watching the neighbors from his window.

His favorite person to watch is his next-door neighbor, Samantha. Young and beautiful, she would be the woman of any man’s dreams. Chandler knows he will make Samantha happy if she just gives him a chance.





The Devil and Mrs. Davenport, Paulette Kennedy (Horror, Historical Fiction, Paranormal)

Missouri, 1955. Loretta Davenport has led an isolated life as a young mother and a wife to Pete, an ambitious assistant professor at a Bible college. They’re the picture of domestic tranquility—until a local girl is murdered and Loretta begins receiving messages from beyond. Pete dismisses them as delusions of a fevered female imagination. Loretta knows they’re real—and frightening. Defying Pete’s demands, Loretta finds an encouraging supporter in parapsychologist Dr. Curtis Hansen. He sees a woman with a rare gift, more a blessing than a curse.



First Light, Liz Kerin (Horror, Paranormal, Vampires, Fantasy)

“I came all this way to watch you burn.”

It’s been nine months since the catastrophe in Tucson sent Mia fleeing from her home. But she’s not running away from the darkness―she’s running toward it, obsessively pursuing the man who gave her mother a thirst for blood and destroyed their lives.




I Was a Teenage Slasher, Stephen Graham Jones (Horror, Thriller, Fiction)

 July 16, 2024

 1989, Lamesa, Texas. A small west Texas town is driven by oil and cotton—and a place where everyone knows everyone else’s business. So it goes for Tolly Driver, a good kid with more potential than application, seventeen, and about to be cursed to kill for revenge. Here, Stephen Graham Jones explores the Texas he grew up in, the unfairness of being on the outside, through the slasher horror he lives but from the perspective of the killer, Tolly, writing his own autobiography. Find yourself rooting for a killer in this summer teen movie of a novel gone full blood-curdling tragic.



I’m including this awesome 2024 reading challenge from The Nerd Daily (#thenerddaily).  Click on the image for a fillable PDF form.  So far, I’ve only been able to fill out 11 of these.


How many books are in your TBR List? 200, 300, or more? (Mine is at 307) Let me know in the comments. Thanks so much for visiting the blog today.  Don’t forget to follow and subscribe, as I appreciate the support. — Peace