It’s Time To Unwind, Background Videos for Sleep

Hello friends, and welcome or welcome back to the blog!

Quote for today
“Happiness is part of who we are. Joy is the feeling.” ― Tony DeLiso

I can’t believe June is almost over, time heals, and time flies. I’m really trying to slow down and enjoy the Summer months. Whether they’re hot, cold, or rainy, I’m going to make it to enjoy it. And remember, as the temperatures don’t forget to stay hydrated, get plenty of rest, and get your greens.

My evenings can be so overwhelming at times because I’m hyper-focused on doing all these “things” just to unwind and actually feel sleepy.  Lately, my sleep struggle hasn’t been as terrible because I’ve streamlined everything I do in the evenings. One … I stopped taking the Melatonin because it wasn’t really working the way it should, and two  I’ve made sure to do an evening yoga stretching routine on Sun-Fri.

I have a bad habit of adding on too many tasks for myself in the evening (after work), so by the time I’m tired and ready to go to bed, I can’t because it’s covered in the laundry or I haven’t done my evening face routine or prepped my clothes for the next day, and then I’m crying because all I want to do is lay and my knee is killing.  This (literally) was me last night.

One way I relax is by NOT watching regular TV, which allows me to stay awake longer because I have to engage and pay attention.  What I do find calming is YouTube rain backgrounds or scenery. It’s very calming, the screen is usually darker, so it doesn’t illuminate my room, and it’s great background noise. Here are six of my favorites to relax and get my brain in the right headspace for sleep.

Relax in the Dome by Rain Sounds

Go To Sleep With Rain by Cozy Rain

Late Night Train by Rain Sounds

Urban Rain Symphony by Ciudad Púrpura Bajo La Lluvia

Cozy Balcony in Rain by The White Room

Night Train by Rain Sounds

Well, friends, I’ll end here.  A simple search on YouTube will help you find the perfect background for sleep, work, holiday atmosphere, or studying.  What relaxes you before bed, rain? Brown or white noise? Nature sounds? or Music?  Let me know in the comments.

I reckon I will end here.  Watching snippets of all these videos (after the workday) makes me sleepy. (LOL) Yes, they actually work!  I hope everyone has a great week. Thanks for hanging with me today. — Peace.

Art – Woman in Green Blouse