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Good Reads Challenge: Disco Deathtrap

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“It’s starting, the year of blood.”
– Disco Deathtrap

It’s Monday, how is everyone doing?  It’s a great day to have a great day. I hope you had a great weekend and you’re doing well, taking care of your body as well as your mind, drinking plenty of water, and checking in with friends and family.

Ok, so I’ve fallen all the way off the book train.  I was doing so well, and then work got busy, I traveled out of town (I got some reading done), and then I just needed to rest.  I still haven’t finished my last book, and I’m behind on writing reviews.

Past all that razzamatazz I took a (short) break over the last few days and didn’t post because my mind and body needed that reprieve.  (It’s really ok to step away and take breaks, I’ve learned) but enough yackin’ here’s my late book review of Disco Deathtrap.

The Review

Title | Disco Deathtrap
| Cameron Roubique
Pages | 230
Genre | Horror, YA, Fiction
GR Rating | 4.23
Purchase | Amazon


It’s New Year’s Eve 1980, and the students of DeAngelo High School are lacing up their skates for the All-Night New Year’s Lock-In at the Rollerville Roller Disco. Some of them just want to skate and dance the night away to the pounding disco music. Some want to pull a few pranks and have a few laughs. For others, like Dan Parsons, tonight is a chance to move on and forget about his ex-girlfriend, maybe even flirt with Denise, that cute girl behind the snack counter. It seems like nothing can go wrong.

My Rating & Review  (☆☆☆)

Disco Deathtrap was a light 230-page read typical of the classic slasher movies of the 80s. Was it graphic (just), gory (yes), or cheesy (absolutely) but, it was a fun read.

It’s News Year’s Eve 1980 (and just like the synopsis) the students of DeAgnelo high school are headed to an all-night New Year’s Eve party at the local roller rink. Dancing, food, fun, and a chance to make out with your special someone …I mean what could go wrong.

from Disco Deathtrap
“You know this old Rollervill place is built over part of the old graveyard, right? ”

Well in a word, everything. It’s December, a snowstorm has just started and the kids from DeAngelo are packing a bus headed to Rollerville. Everyone is excited, and the night is full of promise. No one is thinking about the rumors that Rollerville is next to and partially built over a graveyard. As they arrive and alight the bus no one notices that someone is watching or that the blizzard will literally have them trapped and snowed in.

from Disco Deathtrap
“Many of the students shared the same, or similar, thoughts as they walked into the warm lobby, totally unaware that many of them would never walk back out.”

Some students will use this outing to prank their fellow classmates, some are looking to get wasted while others have something more sinister in mind. The staff at Roller-ville aren’t all that happy about spending their New Year’s Eve with a bunch of high school students, but it’s a chance to make some extra money.

Dan Parson (however) just wants to have a good time with his friends and forget about his bad breakup with his ex. He starts to flirt with Denise who works the counter at the rink and even though she’s older Dan soon realizes that she likes him (despite his age), so the night looks promising. Little did he know he would be in for the surprise of his life.

from Disco Deathtrap
“Suddenly she sensed she wasn’t alone out here. It was the creepy feeling of eyes watching her…”

As the night moves on people are disappearing, which would soon culminate into a frenzy on the rink floor and kids scramble to escape a crazed killer.

Would Dan and his friends escape? Would they put the pieces together to figure out who the killer is and the real motive? They’re running out of time, as the bodies continue to pile up on the rink floor. Will they make it out alive, well you’ll just have to find out with this quick read.

My Good Reads Progress

That concludes my short review.  I’m still reading Slash-Her, an anthology of Women in horror but it’s slow-moving.

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