2022 Fall Style Trends for Women

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I’ve never followed any type of fashion trend because they are just that “trendy”, and only last for a season. When I look for clothing (and I don’t shop for clothing all the time, shoes are my drug of choice), I’m looking for pieces that will last throughout the seasons.

So, I’ve cruised through some sites trying to see what the fall trends actually look like, and they were not that bad this year  (albeit some are like ??what…). So I pulled out a few key pieces that women of any age can wear.

Sweaters You’ll Want to Touch

Cozy sweaters are always a safe bet but it doesn’t really get cold enough to wear them until late October or winter.  Mohair sweaters are “trending”, but I’ve found a good mix between something that’s not too long and seems like you should pet it, and one that’s just darn soft which is a mohair blend. These sweaters are also under $70 compared to others coming in at $250+.

The Classic

I don’t post about clothing that often but the one thing I keep preaching about is a classic white button-down shirt.  (any color is a great choice) Great for any occasion, casual, work, or going out, this is an item that will never go out of style, and comes in at all price points.

Rise On Up

I love a platform boot or sneaker.  Not a crazy 5-inch skinny-heeled boot but a shoe with a wide enough base that still gives me height but also keeps me from falling.  In my world, these boots were always on trend.  I own many different styles but I will say the platform is my favorite.

A Touch of Leather

For the past few seasons I’ve been looking for a light leather jacket to wear in the fall but I’m always too little and too late on that item. Or when I’m in the store, I’ll see someone holding one that is really nice.

I go to try that one on it doesn’t look right because the sleeves aren’t long enough, and I can’t be out here in these streets looking like I’m wearing a little girl’s jacket. (LOL) Maybe I’ll find one this year because leather never goes out of style.

Tailored Waistcoat (Vest)

No joke …I’ve wanted a tweedy-tailored (or leather) vest for years.  I can remember during the Fall season searching high and low to find one that was reasonable.  I just refuse to pay over $100 dollars for that type of garment, but here we are back in the trending lane.

Fashion is so damn fickle which is why I never adhere to it.  I like what I likes.  (LOL)

Some Other Fashion Trends

Floor Skimming Dresses or Maxi Dresses // Everyone loves a maxi in the Summer but they’ve never been my thing.  Also not very flattering for my curvy body type.

Corsets // They can keep that uncomfortable trend.  I’m way too old not to feel good in my pieces.

Oversized Jeans and Utility Pants // Ok so this definitely isn’t for everyone.  (Me included) I just learned how to shop for the correct size jean so it doesn’t look baggy and it’s flattering for my body, and now baggy is trending.  Girl bye…

Oversized Bomber Jacket // Why do we need all these oversized clothes?  I love bomber jackets, but I want one that fits and doesn’t look like I’m wearing my big brothers’ clothes.  This is what I mean by “too trendy”, and next year we’ll be on to the next one.

I hope you enjoyed my short but sweet list.  Ultimately what you wear is up to you, and you’ll look damn good in it, no matter what the current style trend is.  When searching for this list I actually laughed (out loud) at some of the ridiculous things that I saw.  It’s like …if someone famous is wearing it then it must be the new best thing (right)…and so it goes.

What’s your go-to garment for the Fall season?  Let me know in the comments. 

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